The Countdown

Pure Taboo
The Countdown

Two devious tales involving captivity from Pure Taboo, with the featured ladies — Eliza Jane, Adriana Chechik and Sadie Pop — all putting in passionate, crankworthy performances.

The first story reminded me a bit of a “Saw” installment, with Ryan Driller and Eliza waking up in a cell together, in some desolate basement, and being viewed by a camera (operated by … someone); with our captives incrementally given food, blankets, water, but only when they touch one another, leading the pair to think that the freaky phantom viewing them will release both prisoners, but only when they break down and fuck one another, which they do, and it’s pretty fiery.

There’s additional tension here, too, as Ryan has a wife in the outside world to whom he’s loyal, and he, actually, does not want to pork Jane — but he does, thankfully. Jane is petite, but she’s got a rather juicy rump and definitely rises to the horny occasion, with some rather arousing positions. So, do they escape? Does the unseen voyeur reveal him/herself? Are they spared? No spoilers here, babe.

Our second story concerning incarceration reminded me more of a “Texas Chainsaw” vibe, with Seth Gamble as a country bumpkin freakazoid kidnapping two hot-looking bitches, Adriana Chechik and Sadie Pop, keeping them in a barred semi-indoor corral, and, when he chooses to do so, making them suck and fuck him; with Chechik, as usual, being a pure porn pleasure to view as her throat and slit are righteously slammed (surprised this anal queen doesn’t take it up the ass, though), while Pop is a brunette waif who can really pack a lotta cock and take one helluva licking and sticking. The sex rocks, seeing as we have not one but two women in the mix, with both of ‘em not only hungrily sucking and humping dick but imbibing of pussy, as well.

This title appeals to darkly-inclined couples, given the twisted subject matter, and traditional porn fans, with all three ladies definitely sucking/fucking with enthusiasm.


19-year-old girl, Nora, lying on the floor of an empty cell. She is wearing "weekend" clothes: a tank top and skirt. From her perspective, we hear the voice of a man telling her to wake up. As she comes to her senses, she opens her eyes and, through her POV, sees a man, Alan, clearly older than her, mid 30s, dressed in boring business clothes asks "Are you okay?". She screams and tries to get away from him. The man also gets frightened and moves away in his corner. "I don't want to hurt you, I'm in here like you!" The girl lets out a gasp and looks around the cell, nervously pacing. "It's no use," says Alan, nervously. "I've tried." "Where are we?" asks Nora. "I don't know! I think we might have been... taken!

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