Three Wishes

Handsomely bearded-and-furred otter Tegan Zayne co-wrote this fantasy film, directed by Steve Cruz with his customary vigor and attention to detail. It’s not pure wish fulfillment, however. There are dark thematic undercurrents, in addition to the aggressive lovemaking. A strong showcase for Zayne’s many gifts, but Santoro and Vario almost steal the show.

Zayne is homeless and at loose ends when he decides to employ a sex ritual, of sorts, to turn his life around. Hotbod Seth Santoro assures him their spell is foolproof; sure, Tegan, there are no pitfalls or potential problems to worry about at all, are there? As Zayne rides Santoro’s cock with a forceful, hungry passion, and submits to a wet, sticky facial, hunky djinn Jason Vario is summoned.

Zayne is swept into Vario’s arms; naturally, there is a price to be paid. Zayne sucks down Vario’s thick cock with relish, gagging and chocking as spit dribbles from his lips, and he gazes up into Vario’s eyes with passionate desire. He takes another load to his handsome face and beard and blasts out his own spray of cum.

Finally, despite promises of fidelity to Vario, Zayne slips off to a sex club for a passionate rut with dreamily handsome Woody Fox, who is built like an Olympic athlete. Once again, Zayne is clearly in heaven as he and Fox trade blowjobs and fuck; nearby, Teddy Torres and Riley Mitchel are pleasurably banging away, and they join Fox to spit-roast Zayne, who could not be happier taking on three cocks in all available holes. They deep-plunge him and coat his chest, stomach and beard with their seed.

Elsewhere, Beaux Banks and Dolf Dietrich dress up in harnesses for a vigorous sling-fuck. Dietrich clearly enjoys having a power-bottom to attempt to dominate, but Banks gives as good as he gets. He sucks cock with an almost angry energy and rides Dietrich’s thick boner with aggression. Dietrich is clearly bemused and has no problem keeping up with the frisky studpup.

Santoro returns for a sensual bedroom romp with Vario, both of whom clearly enjoyed their sexplay together. They deepthroat with ease and kiss with delight; Vario slides his oversized python into Santoro’s ass for a strong bout of lovemaking. They’re a handsome pair, to be sure.


If you had Three Wishes, what would you wish for? Tegan Zayne stars in this erotic tale of desire and lust that he co-wrote with director Steve Cruz, featuring an all-star, stud-filled cast. Down on his luck and troubled, Tegan meets a mysterious stranger (Jason Vario) and unknowingly makes three wishes. As these lust wishes come to fruition, things begin to go awry. Here is a modern-day spin on the classic tale of the mythological djinn.

Tegan and his friend Beaux Banks are desperate, homeless and ready to try anything to turn their lives around. Tegan turns to Seth Santoro for help with a magical spell to make his wishes come true. After giving Tegan a special potion, Seth slides his dick into Tegan's fuzzy ass to help complete the ritual that leaves Tegan covered in cum. The sex ritual summons a Djinn, Jason Vario, who finds a worn-down Tegan in the desert after a bad experience with Seth's potion. Jason rescues him and takes him home where Tegan shows his appreciation by sucking on Jason's big uncut meat. Jason offers to help both Tegan and Beaux for the price of Tegan's monogamy, but Beaux soon discovers that he's been sold off to a slimy talent agent, Dolf Dietrich. Dolf asserts his newly gained authority by getting Beaux into the sling and opening up his asshole with Dolf's massively thick cock.

Meanwhile, Tegan is bored at home and decides to hit the sex club where he hooks up with Aussie-hunk Woody Fox, tatted-star Teddy Torres, and newcomer Riley Mitchell. The three strangers take turns plowing Tegan's mouth and ass until they leave him a dripping, sticky mess covered in the jizz of four hung studs. If, and only if, Jason never finds out what Tegan has done, this deed will go unpunished. Seth Santoro needs to feel Jason's big cock inside his ass. After Seth chokes on it and gets his ass opened with a rim job, Jason slides his dick deep into the tight hole. As the two finish up while Tegan watches from behind a door, Tegan soon finds out that there are consequences to every action. Find out for yourself if Tegan's Three Wishes are a blessing or a curse.

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