Max in the City

Falcon Studios
Max in the City

Newcomer Max Adonis anchors three scenes in this terrific showcase for the rising young star. He’s a newcomer to San Francisco and eagerly, happily avails himself of the ragingly horny friends, neighbors and pizza deliverymen who populate the city.

Adonis is a lean, lightly furred and highly flexible otter with big blue eyes and an easy physicality that translates perfectly onscreen. He’s also clearly an adept actor who can believably pull off his quasi-corny dialogue. He and buddy Seth Santoro reconnect and quickly act on their long-suppressed attraction for each other. It’s a sizzling flip-fuck; Santoro’s physique is top-notch and he really comes alive as a performer with a sex partner who is equally engaged and who seems to crave cock and ass as much as he does. Adonis delivers in spades.

Elsewhere, a different flip-fuck with Skyy Knox gives the Santoro matchup a run for its money. Knoxx is darkly handsome, lean and ripped like an Olympic swimmer, and seriously intense. He sucks cock and eats ass with laserlike precision; watch his facial expressions as Adonis rides in his lap, slowly grinding on his cock. It’s superb sex.

Adonis also anchors a vigorous oral-only encounter with brawny stud Tyler Roberts; the two men exchange pistonlike blowjobs and Roberts eats out Adonis until the latter blasts himself with a wet, sticky load.

Hunky Cade Maddox hopes a bout of passionate sex will convince blue-eyed beauty Dave Slick, his real estate agent, to lower the price on a condo (with a gorgeous view), while hunky Roman Todd, delectably bulging out of his tight white briefs, is a serious distraction for adorable, humpy young pup Lucas Leon, who gets a vigorous, athletic ass-pounding in bed.


When Max Adonis moves to San Francisco, he's in for a horny treat as he discovers all the new things that await him. In the City by the Bay, anything goes! The tale of Max In the City is told by award-winning director Tony Dimarco and his eight San Francisco hunks. With Max in the City, every cock is fair game, and every ass is up for fucking. Max hasn't seen his high school buddy, Seth Santoro, in almost ten years. The sexual tension from all that time apart is shattered when they suck each other off and flip fuck to satisfy a decade of curiosity, ending with Max drenched in cum. When Roman Todd rents a room from Lucas Leon the sparks fly when Lucas offers up his ass, ending with a massive facial from Roman's thick rod. When Max discovers he's short on cash after ordering a pizza, delivery guy Tyler Roberts suggests an alternative payment method. Max gets on his knees and works for his meal by sucking Tyler's thick dick. In the end, Max gets a hole eaten out, a face full of cum, and a free pizza. Dave Slick is a real estate agent showing Cade Maddox a luxury condo that he can't really afford. Cade has an idea that he hopes will get the price down a bit. He slides his dick into Dave's tight ass and pumps away until Dave's face and chest are covered in cum. When Max meets his new neighbor Skyy Knox, he becomes interested and curious about the ripped stud. After Skyy makes the first move, the two swap head and flip-fuck until Max covers Skyy's face and tongue with a warm load.

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