Right To Refuse

Pure Taboo
Right To Refuse

A brace of strange but, nonetheless, scintillating — as in horny! — stories from directors Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead.

In “Right to Refuse,” party girls Adria Rae (the brunette) and Tiffany Watson (the blonde) get pulled over in their car at night by a cop, played by the creepy Dick Chibbles, the weirdo peace (of ass) officer takes ‘em to his pad and bangs the hell out of ‘em, much to the shock of our fetching “kidnapped” ladies, who always maintain visible fear, making the scene all the more provocative. I like how Chibbles majorly face-fucks each of them, with the girls gagging and choking on his prick. It’s also a turn-on when he makes Adria eat Tiffany’s pussy alongside him. Doggie with spinner Watson is a movie highlight, while cowgirl with Rae truly rocks, as Tiff keeps Dick’s dick wet with constant blowjobs.

In tale #2, “One Day at a Time,” Madison Heart plays a passed-out junkie who is, literally, driven to some halfway house, where she wakes up and is heatedly “serviced” in a bedroom by a worker there, played by the perverted Alex Legend. With some wrist action during her blowjob, Heart sucks a cock fairly well. She also knows how to ride said prick equally impressively during cowgirl. I like how freakazoid Legend lubes her twat for some doggie, during which he steps on her head with his undoubtedly stinky foot while pounding away at pussy. Nice guy. After a rousing second helping of cowgirl, Alex ultimately blasts boy batter all over Madison’s ass cheeks. The story even has a satisfying twist ending.

“Right to Refuse” is a solid entry from the bent folks over at PureTaboo.com, with all three ladies — Adria, Tiffany and Madison — doing a fine job of sucking and fucking, while suck-cessfully maintaining (along with directors Mills and Moorehead) an intriguing atmosphere of danger.


A group of teenagers are headed home from a party. Amy, a shy 18-year-old girl, sits in the backseat beside her best friend Heather. Heather is also 18-years-old but much more mature and flirty than Amy and is occupied by a boy beside her, while another one drives. A cop car pulls up behind them and starts flashing its lights. The officer suspects illegal activity, handcuffs the girls and instructs their boyfriends to get the hell out of dodge and the officer leads the two girls into a house. Amy rushes over to Heather, who is still rubbing her wrists after having the cuffs removed. "This feels really weird, Heather." Amy says. "Why would a cop take us to his house?

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