TSA Checkpoint

Raging Stallion Studios
TSA Checkpoint

Real-life TSA checkpoints are ripe for an erotic parody so it’s a real mystery that few (if any?) have been filmed before now. Raging Stallion and Steve Cruz rise to the occasion for this strong six-scene effort.

Rikk York is anxious to get through security at an utterly deserted checkpoint (lucky bastard) and must submit to a very thorough body cavity search by TSA agent Daymin Voss, who finds contraband in a private place. York gets off, so to speak, with a sizzling flip-fuck. Fans of assplay and hairy butts and chests will want to bookmark this scene.

Terrific, spit-soaked oral is a highlight of lean, furry Teagan Zayne’s hookup with burly Eddy CeeTee. He assumes CeeTee is a pilot and rides him with abandon (there is an amusing twist). Elsewhere, baggage handlers Alex Buldoceck and Lorenzo Flexx, both built like brick walls, can’t resist trying out dildos and other items they uncover in a traveler’s luggage. Flexx, in particular, steals the scene and takes an aggressive pounding from his coworker after his high-and-tight muscle butt is properly stretched open.

Flexx returns for an aggressive, splattery set of traded blowjobs with furred Teddy Torres, who is cuffed by security guard Alex Mecum, square-jawed and dreamy as ever, for his very public sexplay (although, again, the airport is essentially deserted). Mecum and onscreen boyfriend Derek Bolt have a tiff about opening up their relationship and Torres takes full advantage; the latter’s wry amusement and impatient horniness are a pleasure. Torres and Mecum trade off banging Bolt for another very strong threesome that doesn’t skimp on the good stuff.

Elsewhere, Buck Richards (lean, full beard, well-hung) and Trent King (African-American, ridged abs, youthful looks) flip-fuck in a customer lounge. I want to know how to find the airline that provides this kind of service. Points to director Cruz for injecting humor into several vignettes and changing up his visual style.


Traveling no longer has be a drag at the airport. Forget the lines and the delays, because when you hit the 'TSA Checkpoint' you might just get a hunky agent making you hard in a pat-down or a cock up your ass in a cavity search. Sit back and let passengers, employees, and Federal Agents make sure that your loaded weapon is safe for travel! When Rikk York sets off the alarms at a TSA checkpoint, Officer Daymin Voss finds some contraband shoved up Rikk's fuzzy ass. Daymin probes the traveler until he sets off both of their explosive devices. Tegan Zayne is heading home for spring break and decides to take a nap in the air lounge. When hot daddy pilot, Eddy Ceetee, enters the lounge Tegan is no longer tired and goes straight for Eddy's cockpit before getting his hairy asshole filled with dick. Lorenzo Flexx and Aleks Buldocek are airline baggage handlers. After going through some luggage and trying out some sex toys, Aleks bends his co-worker over the inspection table and drills his throbbing hole. Buck Richards is a sexy first-class lounge barista who serves up more than a cup of coffee to passenger Trent King when he gets his ass pounded with an extra side of heavy cream. When baggage handler Lorenzo Flexx stumbles upon passenger Teddy Torres jacking his rod by the men's room, he gets on his knees and handles Teddy's bag until the two of them exchange facials and swap some cum. TSA Officer Alex Mecum catches Teddy lapping up the last of Lorenzo's public facial and brings him into custody where Alex and fellow officer Derek Bolt have some fun with the hung stranger that ends with Derek covered in jizz. The next time you're at a 'TSA Checkpoint' make sure to misbehave so that you, too, can get manhandled by the horny hunks of the airport.

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