Melissa Santana

Beautiful Britney Amber and ruggedly handsome Derrick Pierce bare it all in uber-talented director Kay Brandt’s “Naked,” the latest masterpiece from one of my ultimate favorite couples-friendly studios, Adam & Eve. The camerawork, dialogue and overall story here is beautiful. Few can direct (or write!) a love story as intricate or genuine as Ms. Brandt.

Based on her bestselling novel of the same name, the title opens up with Britney filming her audition tape for the survivalist reality show named “Naked,” where contestants go fully nude and brave the wilderness for a cash prize.

Britney has an amazing body, and the scenery in the background is beyond cute; purple flowers decorate the backyard where Britney stretches and does yoga. As she moves into the house, the same attention to detail is provided to the indoor dining room set. The house looks warm, which is fitting for someone with the character’s charming, and seemingly innocent, personality.

Inside, Britney discusses her plans to join the show with boyfriend Donnie Rock, who initially disapproves. After some mild conversation, Donnie’s convinced and fully supportive of Britney’s “Naked” aspirations. Because she’s overwhelmed with love, Britney rewards her man with some electrifying sex, and a long, passionate makeout session.

She proves to be a champion dick sucker, while Donnie pleases her too. He finger fucks her pussy, very sweetly, and rests her back against the light blue sheets. Props to Kay for letting Britney cum first (solely from being fingerbanged and eaten out — no penetration!), and really showing an authentic body-ripping orgasm. The duo switch from doggie, to spoon and finally back to missionary. The two of them really fuck like full-fledged lovers; Donnie is sweet with his ministrations, and Britney tenderly looks into his eyes as he jizzes all over her nicely-shaped titties.

Just as the sex wraps up, the phone rings and Britney answers. The “Naked” producer, played by ultra hottie Mia Li, has called to inform Britney she’s been chosen to participate in the new season.

While on the set of “Naked,” Britney meets her partner for the duration of the show, Derrick Pierce. The two hit it off instantly, smiling at one another and really sticking side-by-side. As nighttime arrives, it’s clear to Britney that this is going to be a lot harder than she expected, and she cuddles with Derrick to stay warm! (Surviving at its finest!)

Elsewhere, Mia Li and the film crew, consisting of Small Hands and Logan Long, gather their things for the night and get a threesome going in a tent. Mia knows how to take dick and she looks downright adorable with two dicks on either side of her face, wearing nothing but a red bandana around her neck.

Small Hands is an incredible cocksman; he face fucks Mia before she rolls over on her side so Logan can have his way with her in spoon position. Logan’s scruff makes him look particularly handsome in the scene, especially as the camera focuses on his O face while plowing roughly into Mia. Small Hands fucks her roughly, too, gripping her buttcheeks while taking her from behind.

During the sex, the trio share some sweet banter, giggling like a bunch of teenagers. The best bit of the scene, however, is when Logan fucks Mia missionary and Small Hands gets in a handstand position and dips his dick into Mia’s hungry mouth. She’s practically grinning the whole time the boys manhandle her. Mia absolutely loves sex, and you can tell! The scene ends with a mouthful of cum and three happy campers!

Afterwards, we get back to Derrick and Britney, who are a few days into the challenge. It’s clear the pair have gotten close, extremely close, but there’s no indication of any funny business just yet. As the end of the show nears, Britney drinks some contaminated water and gets sick, forcing her to leave the show. Once back at home, she realizes that maybe … just maybe … she might have the slightest crush on Derrick. (Okay it’s way more than a crush!)

On Derrick’s side of the story, the viewer discovers he’s in a polyamorous relationship with Chanel Preston, and her lover, Ryan Driller. (Lucky, lucky girl!) Chanel Preston is as gorgeous as ever. The focus in this threesome is clearly on her — both men absolutely worship her body. Laying her back against the plush pillows, Ryan goes to town on her pussy. Once again, Kay Brandt places a strong emphasis on the female orgasm; Chanel practically squeals from Ryan lapping at her clit.

Chanel cums multiple times; both Ryan and Derrick each get a taste of her pussy before ramming her directly. She rides Derrick’s cock while Ryan gets a sloppy blowjob. She gags on his dick, which makes him smile. The scene ends with jizz on Chanel’s stomach and tits.

Back to the storyline, Britney hits up Derrick to catch up. It’s finally revealed that while the cameras were off, Derrick and Britney had sex. Derrick remembers the moment vividly.

The pair fuck on some rocks and in the wilderness; the scenery here is breathtaking. While they have sex, the camera pans to their surroundings, really making the moment feel raw. The chemistry is palpable; Derrick is a tremendous performer, hammering into Britney as though it’s the last time he’ll ever hold her. He’s sweet, but firm. Britney’s eyes roll into the back of her head, and she presses herself into Derrick’s loving embrace.

Her beautiful blue eyes stare longingly into Derrick’s while they have sex — she is very convincing in the role. The best part of this scene is that we finally get some outdoor action. Derrick sits on a rock while Britney rides him, Britney gets bent over a rock, and the leaves rustle in the background while the wind howls. It’s truly a beautiful, and well-performed scene.

Right before the last sex scene, there’s a little bit of drama between Derrick and Britney … but I won’t spoil it! The last encounter is between Ryan Driller and Chanel Preston.

There’s something extra sweet about this scene. (Well, all the scenes are sweet!) Ryan and Chanel cuddle one another, and fondly caress each other’s faces before getting to the real nitty gritty. They kiss on the bed, grind against one another and Chanel and Ryan verbally compliment one another.

This time, Ryan makes sure to fuck her slowly, really appreciating every curve of her body. Ryan smiles at Chanel and she smiles back; they giggle when they switch positions. Chanel rides his cock furiously, gazing into his eyes the whole time. Ryan squeezes her chest, then flips her over and cums on her pussy. She never takes her eyes away from Ryan’s, it’s the perfect ending sex scene!

Do Derrick and Britney ever get together? Will Britney join Chanel’s web of lovers? What about Donnie?! Guess you’ll just have to buy “Naked” to find out!

I mean it when I say that Kay Brandt is uber-fucking talented. She pours her heart and soul into both her novels and features, and it really shows. “Naked” is a unique story that you don’t want to miss out on. Britney Amber really shows off some acting chops, and Derrick is a strong, and handsome, lead. Kudos, Kay Brandt. You’ve done it again … and again … and again!


Despite the cold, hunger and harsh environment of a reality TV show, Jackson (Derrick Pierce) and Cadence (Britney Amber) thrive on their intense sexual chemistry. Back in the real world, Cadence tries to rekindle their steamy adventures. Trouble is, she has a boyfriend (Donnie Rock) and Jackson shares a gorgeous girlfriend (Chanel Preston) with his roommate (Ryan Driller). Will Cadence pursue Jackson or stay with Donnie? Get NAKED and find out!


Melissa Santana