Lola & Maxie Get Off

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Lola & Maxie Get Off

Directed by former adult star Skye Blue, “Lola & Maxie Get Off” follows the trials and tribulations of strippers Lola (Charlotte Stokely) and Maxie (Abigail Mac), with a number of bang-worthy chickadees thrown into the mix, ultimately giving you not three, not four, but five kick-ass sex scenes!

We start off with Lola doing her pole work in a club, when suddenly she’s dragged off by a female cop (who I believe is played by none other than Skye Blue herself), as co-stripper Maxie, who hopes to emulate Lola, watches in disbelief; then we cut to another stripper, the gorgeously tattooed Penny Archer, getting banged in bed at home by her man, Jay Smooth, with cowgirl being a memorable sequence, as Penny’s butt cheeks vibrate like mad, before Jay pulls out, turns her over, and blows boy batter all over her tummy.

We seem to get bits and pieces of why Lola’s being hauled off to the slams as the movie progresses, with the next scene being Maxie’s hubby, played by Calvin Hardy (which sounds like some kind of lost American President from the early 20th century), cheating behind his wife’s back by balling the ever-tasty Aidra Fox upon their home sofa, with my favorite moments being a nice and luxurious deepthroating from Aidra and some spirited cowgirl bouncing from this hottie.

We next find out that both Maxie and Lola are behind bars, with Maxie (Abigail Mac) getting it on with a prison teacher (his identity is never really explained) in the form of Seth Gamble; Mac’s hellacious face-fucking being totally awesome, while (finally!) her doggie drilling is choice, as is the sex-crazed Mac and her animated twat going to town on dick during reverse-cowgirl.

Eurasian Christy Love and blonde Kay Carter, also playing prison mates, get it on with the lucky warden (I think he’s the warden, at least), portrayed by Ryan McLane, with tall and rangy Christy being a delight to watch in that she’s such a delicious spinner. Doggie with Love is terrific, as the latter licks Carter’s cooch, but it’s also pretty choice when Carter gets it missionary while Love sits on Kay’s face and has Carter vigorously lap up her sopping pussy, before the two decadent damsels share Ryan’s rod eruption.

The final scene has cell mates Lola and Maxie “getting off” with one another; Mac’s worship of Char’s anus (and for a good long time!) being highly whackworthy, while it’s a horny pleasure seeing Stokely jam her jam-hole onto Mac’s mug with true sluttishness.

With a twisty-turny plot and excellent sex, not to mention both stars Stokely and Mac putting in some highly arousing scenes, you don’t wanna miss this title, nor the exotic-looking, ever-smiling, intensely passionate Christy Love, who I totally wanna see more of!


Lola (Charlotte Stokely) and Maxie (Abigail Mac) are two of the hottest dancers at their local strip club. But they get even hotter after they find themselves in jail together. Both are accused of killing their own husbands Jack (Jay Smooth) and Joe (Calvin Hardy) and are desperate to do anything - and anyone to get out. When they discover that the circumstances of their husbands' murders give them they perfect alibis, they lay it all on the line. Can Lola and Maxie get it get off?

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