The Wife Watcher

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The Wife Watcher

Jason (Michael Vegas) and Melanie (Casey Calvert) have a unique relationship. Jason is a photographer who likes to watch his wife have sex with other people while he takes photos of the action. While Melanie loves the empowerment she gets from being watched by her husband as she fucks others — and though she enjoys giving Jason what he craves — she doesn’t truly understand what he actually gets out of it. Determined to see their situation from Jason’s perspective, she embarks on a quest to put herself in her husband’s shoes so she can truly learn what it feels like to watch one’s wife.

Ernest Good wrote and directed this quirkily filmed feature. It’s got a nice premise and features some strong sex, which is always a welcome sight in feature porn. Casey Calvert is predictably good as the star (she’s such a good performer), and Michael Vegas brings his signature charm to his role. The unique cinematography and editing might take some getting used to for audiences, but the sex is easy enough to get behind.

Calvert is the driving force behind this movie, appearing in three of the four sex scenes. She has a great threesome with Isiah Maxwell and Codey Steele that really paints her as a dirty slut. She keeps all her holes busy either gulping down a cock, stroking a cock, or grinding herself into oblivion in a filthy DP. All the while, hubby is flashing away with his camera, which adds a real indulgent element to the action.

She also has a very intimate one-on-one scene with Vegas that feels much more passionate than her nasty threesome. There’s an emotional connection between the two lovers that’s missing from the threesome, giving their sex a much more romantic feel while losing none of the intensity. Vegas eats Calvert’s sopping wet pussy relentlessly while a vibrator tickles her asshole, and she just about ascends into space from the resulting orgasm. He also brings her to near tears of joy when he starts humping her on the table, and it’s beautiful.

She shares a tender fuck session with her old friend Savannah Bond after a candid conversation between the two reveals Melanie’s desire to do something special for Jason. Agreeing to help her only friend out, Savannah then subjects herself to Melanie’s kinky yet intimate brand of sexual fantasy. Bondage, toy play, and some incredible face-sitting are on the menu, and boy, are they all worth the price of admission! Casey looks particularly good in a strap-on pumping Savannah’s pussy from behind.

When Melanie’s plan is finally revealed, a surprised but grateful Jason gets the opportunity to play with Savannah and her busty friend Mona while Melanie photographs them. There’s lots of tit worship here, but the star of the sex is the way both ladies ride Vegas in cowgirl to the tune of their asses bouncing all over the room like crazy. Talk about a bountiful feast!

This is a pretty good effort from the folks over at Adam & Eve. Casey Calvert’s skill as a performer elevates this film to heights it might not have achieved without her as the lead, and the sex is dynamite.


Melanie (Casey Calvert) is an ambitious attorney enjoying an open marriage with Jason (Michael Vegas). Jason is a photographer who likes to watch his wife have sex with other men and take pictures of their trysts. Together they are a passionate and adventurous couple inspiring each other to discover new levels of intimacy.

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