Double Booked

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Double Booked

Adam & Eve never disappoints, and “Double Booked” is yet another amazing couples-themed release from one of my favorite studios in the biz.

Because storyline is important, the movie starts with beautiful panoramic shots of some mountains and lakes, then zooms in on Chloe Couture (named Trudy in this flick) answering the phone. Her brother Ryan (played by Chad White) has entrusted her with booking his cabin, but he’s worried she’s gonna fuck it up. Spoiler: she does. She double books the place, but everyone is totes okay with it in the end!

The first scene pairs Chad White with Zoe Parker, who plays his girlfriend. Chad, as Ryan, has left his business up to his sister in order to spend more time with Zoe. Their scene is sweet, with lots of soft kisses and cutesy banter. (“Let’s have a little fun,” Ryan grins. “Lets!” Zoe replies.) They make love on the couch in a very, very nicely decorated house, equipped with fancy pottery, plants and even some rich mahogany drawers in the background. Chad is an amazing pussy eater, and Zoe’s eyes practically roll into the back of her head when he really tongues at her cunt. Zoe’s itty bitty titties look super cute in missionary, and even during doggie. Really, really cute scene.

Next, Jay Smooth and AJ Applegate are an attractive couple together. They make their way into the cabin and are welcomed by Chloe (as Trudy, duh), who leads them to their bedroom. AJ and Jay are handsy with one another, which prompts Chloe to leave them alone, but AJ is too quick! She instantly invites Chloe to join them, and the menage a trois begins. AJ is a sight to see in her modest blue lingerie; she and Chloe kiss first, before taking turns slobbering on Jay’s dick. He fucks Chloe while AJ rubs at her clit — and it’s definitely my favorite moment in the whole movie. The scene ends with the three spooning comfortably in bed. (Aww!)

Then, handsome Lucas Frost makes his way to the cabin — looking cute and cozy in his blue jacket. Following a dramatic phone call with his friend and his ex, Lucas is ready to just chill by the fire in his cabin, only to find it’s already occupied by AJ and Jay. Back home, his ex Chloe Amour gets it on with his friend Alex Jones. Even though Alex says he doesn’t do revenge fucks, it doesn’t take long for the pair to get going. Alex’s scruff really does it to me, and his large cock really does it to Chloe A. Despite its size, Chloe A. takes it like a champ, bouncing back on it during doggie, and missionary. I love that she kept her heels on during the whole romp, adding an extra layer of sexy.

Next scene shows another gorgeous couple, this time made up of Ryan Driller and Misty Stone. Trudy definitely fucked up, and gave the couple a different cabin than they originally expected. Ryan is a sweetheart, however, and makes the best of the situation. “I think, we can make it our own little piece of paradise!” He’s as handsome as ever, with his slicked back hair and his shirt tight on his body; Misty is a perfect match, too. Her curls are voluptuous, as is her body when she strips down for Ryan. Their chemistry is smooth, and they make a believable couple. Misty talks insanely dirty, which makes the scene the standout. “You want me to cum on your dick?” Misty questions, then cums right where she said she would. Awesome!

Back to Lucas … after explaining to Trudy his girl problems, Trudy helps him get over his ex by, well, getting under him. Though less romantic emotionally than the other three scenes, this one really sets the mood. The duo fuck in front of a well-lit fireplace, which crackles throughout their fuck session. Lucas and Chloe C. are passionate; he fingers her furiously, eats her out and she sucks on his dick like she’s never wanted anything more in her life. It’s a good wrap up to the two-hour title, with Lucas cumming all over her stomach and spooning her sweetly. “A guy could really get used to this,” Lucas says. Then, Chloe proclaims, “It’s snowing!”

No one does romance like Adam & Eve, that’s for sure. With just the right amount of storyline, and sexy scenes, “Double Booked” is a must-have for anyone who twiddles their diddle.


Absent-minded Chloe accidentally double-books a rental cabin for the weekend...and it's the best mistake she's ever made!

Melissa Santana