Sins Life Sex Tour, Round 2

Sins Life
Sins Life Sex Tour, Round 2


Raging gonzo — that’s frequently POV sex — from scintillating couple Johnny and Kissa Sins, with three sizzling starlets ac-cum-panying ‘em; and it’s all “presented by Jules Jordan,” so it’s going to be friggin’ awesome, right?

The frothy flick starts with an outdoor, rockin’ triple blowjob, as Johnny gets his member and manhole worshiped by Kissa, Megan Rain and Adriana Chechik. And, trust me, there’s plenty o’ gagging, choking, near-rolfing and saliva. Some horny footage, too, from below-the-nasty action (with the viewer looking up) as Johnny’s weasel is waggin’ all over, cocooned with spit, as it’s being similarly attacked by this hungry trio of bitches. At one point, Megan gets so much spit on her face, she starts looking like E.T., which is kinda cute … in a bizarre sorta way. And, natch, our torrid tart threesome share Sins’ semen like the truly generous sluts that they are.

Next, the same quartet o’ pervs is in some bungalow, somewhere on the globe (could be Encino, for all we know), with the girls’ faces more properly made up, and all of ‘em getting heatedly hammered by Johnny-hose. Kissa’s big sloppy ass is all over Johnny’s cock during cowgirl, with her marshmallow butt cheeks wobblin’ every which way, with the girls also licking her Kissa crap-crack. Adriana and Megan switch positions with Kissa and get the similar tramp treatment. There’s pussy and fart eating, too, and a wee(wee) bit o’ squirtin’, but not really a “hole” lot to report in the latter category for you fans o’ gush.

Next, in what looks like a hotel room, Carmen Caliente and Kissa share Johnny-cock with animated results. I particularly liked how Kissa films a three-way train, with Johnny, at the “end,” licking Carmen’s booty, Carmen licking Kissa’s taco, while Mrs. Sins reclines on her back and shoots all o’ the randy action. A highlight in this specific episode has Johnny really pile-driving the livin’ shit outta Carmen.

Lastly, there’s another, even more spirited, threeway with Carmen, Kissa and Johnny, joyously reveling in each other’s degeneracy, in what looks like a real bedroom in a real home. I like how Carmen sucks Kissa’s ass when Kissa is doin’ Johnny cowgirl style. Equally enjoyable was Johnny doing the girls in tandem doggie style, as captured by both static (on tripod) and roving-POV cameras; especially with Carmen’s phenomenal ass cheeks flowing every which way. Love, too, those overhead booty shots of Carmen and Kissa, with the latter herself eating quite a fair amount of tuna; almost, in fact, being literally — but gladly! — smothered by it. Johnny, understandably, eventually splooges while wildly drilling Carmen doggie style, and Kissa is below sucking Carmen’s clit. Plenty of still-steaming spunk lands not only on Carmen’s fine ass cheeks, but in Kissa’s gob, as well. Yeah!

This gonzo is way raw, but fairly well shot, and starring three hot starlets, on top of Kissa and her big, beautiful booty. It’s three solid hours of gloriously gagging, grinding, gooey gonzo.


No Director, No Scripts, Just Real In Your Face RAW REALITY PORN! Go behind closed doors into Johnny & Kissa's private sex fantasies and see your favorite girls get fucked like never before!


Walter Paisley