This Boy Is a Bottom

Bel Ami
This Boy Is a Bottom

This five-scene condomless grab bag spotlights preppy-handsome Marcel Gassion with three duos and one very enthusiastic birthday gangbang featuring Gassion’s buddies. What are friends for?

Gassion is quite a looker with a trim, athletic build — no tattoos or body hair — blue eyes, bubble butt and an easygoing nature. He first appears as a trainer for Peter Annaud, who needed some extra instruction as a topman. “I’m kind of scared of his dick,” Gassion notes of Annaud’s thick torpedo of a cock. It turns out Annaud may have a submissive side to him as he responds obediently to Gassion’s lips, tongue and hands and comes alive more aggressively when he begins to fuck. We can also consider him fully trained.

Zac Dehaan is dreamily handsome with wholesome good looks, a physique just this side of brawny and a bright smile. He’s a bit tentative, even with a livewire like Gassion, until the fucking starts when he pile-drives his cock into his partner. Meanwhile, tall, lean and lanky Paul Mekas has full, red lips and a giant, flopping python of a cock and he’s far more sensual and engaged during the kissing and oral portion of his sexplay with Gassion. Footage of him sliding his oversized cock into Gassion’s tight butt, however, is a real pleasure.

The final two scenes are two halves of a birthday wish by Gassion, who is lounging outdoors, eating flan. He has four naked buddies carry him, atop a bed, to a shady spot where they proceed to gang-bang the birthday boy. At one point, Gassion is kissing and jacking Andre Boleyn’s cock and making out with Rhys Jagger (sultry and handsome) while Ariel Vanean and Marc Ruffalo are working over his cock. Quite a sight.

It’s always a pleasure to see BelAmi vets Boleyn and Vanean. Both are as lean and trim as ever, gregarious, playful and sexually intense. They’re utterly focused on the task at hand. The newcomers don’t have a problem keeping up, especially when the action shifts to anal. All four eat out Gassion, whose legs are flipped over his head, and then take turns fucking him and dumping their loads onto his pretty face and tongue.


Natural born bottom. Up close with Marcel Gassion.

Jake Reburn