Offensively Large

Bel Ami
Offensively Large


Hilariously and appropriately titled, Bel Ami’s latest from veteran skin-stud-turned-director Luke Hamill is a feast for fans of oversized, uncut Euro-cock (and who isn't?). Thickly hung Jack Harrer gets a serious workout alongside equally endowed Joel Birkin.

Harrer is a Bel Ami treasure. Sandy-haired with bright blue eyes, shy charisma and a lean, smooth soccer player physique, he’s also thickly and impressively hung. Over the years Harrer has grown more confident in front of the camera and he pairs perfectly with handsomely clean-cut, gap-toothed Birkin. The pair of them blow wet, voluminous loads and share cocksucking duties. However, as with most Bel Ami studs, there is limited deep-throating (Birkin shows some proficiency) and assplay, while welcome, is brief and tentative.

They double team eager boy-next-door beauty Claude Sorel and reappear to spit-roast adorable Arne Coen, whose eager grin and thick floppy hair are tailor-made for a boyband (he’s also quite hung himself, an attribute no doubt to be explored in a sequel).

A highlight of the film comes when Harrer rides handsome Peter Annaud’s appealingly thick boner. Harrer is a superb bottom and they make love in a pristine white bedroom with a glorious ocean view right outside the window. Prime erotic fantasy material.

Lean and lanky Huxley is another low-key stunner with big, brown eyes and his passionate encounter with Birkin is filmed in a shadowed doorway. Their sensual matchup stands out from the rest of the film. Huxley submits easily to the more skilled, well-schooled Birkin. It would be a pleasure to see a rematch with this pair down the line.


How much can they take? Claude, Jack, Helmut and Arne ride BelAmi's largest dicks.


Jake Reburn