Hot Body Ink 2

Elegant Angel
Hot Body Ink 2
Elegant Angel director Carlos Dee finally does the tattooed-porn-star thing right: He (literally, figuratively) focuses on the ink, letting the girls discuss the provocative history of each and every one of their body illos; then afterwards rewards our patience by letting us witness these babes get stuck silly with flesh needles filled with spunk instead of dye; the hottest cock-plungings involving luscious Karmen Karma and outrageously sexy Skin Diamond.

Karmen Karma is a definite joy to behold — tats, tits, twat ‘n’ all. As one example of the many curious inscriptions on her luscious body, Karmen show us four of her knuckles which have the word “Over” spelled on them; while the four knuckles on her other hand contain the word “Come.” Put ’em together and you get “OverCome.” Flip them around and you get “ComeOver.” Pretty clever, huh? She’s also a scrumptious babe who likes gagging on cock and goes near insane when boffed. And check out how she wildly begs for sperm like some kinda cum vampire. Awesome! Skin Diamond, of course, is almost legendary in the industry for having an insanely tight, wiry, all-natural body; performing anything-goes sex at the drop of a hat; and possessing some of the coolest-looking tats — with her appearance/performance in “Hot Body Ink 2” being no exception to ALL of the above. In terms of just one of her many tattoos, Diamond talks about a colorful nurse illustration on her left bicep. “I have a medical fetish,” she effervescently expounds (before getting pounded), “and at one time I was obsessed with pink … I had pink hair… so I got my sinister nurse (tattoo) to keep me right.” More great ink stories follow, as does one nasty blowjob and a deep, DEEP ass-fuck. “Stretch my little hole,” she tells the white dude pounding her shit chute, before she ever so deliriously whispers to him, “I feel your cock from inside of my cunt.” Wow! This maddeningly sexy chick looks and acts so sweet — but she’s so fuckin’ dirty! We wanna marry the bitch! Skin does, indeed, get under your skin … and way down in yer loins, too. Umphhh!

Engaging tattoo tales combined with nuclear sex from torrid tails make “Hot Body Ink 2” an absolute winner. And let’s not forget the great DP of Tori Avano, either. Yeah!


Looking for trouble and tattoos? Then sit your ass down, punk. This ride is about to get wild! Elegant Angel has rounded up the sexiest tattooed bitches in porn for your viewing pleasure. Featuring performances by Skin Diamond, Karmen Karma, Tori Avano, and Aimee Black, Hot Body Ink 2 is an eye-popping look at the dangerous side of beauty. Enjoy!

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