Deep Inside 1

Falcon Studios
Deep Inside  1
Falcon, you lucky fuckers! Where did you find this Paddy O’Brian fellow? The British stud is a star in the making — that face, that bod, that cock ... and oh dear lord that accent! He joins Angelo Marconi under the shower, their boners instantly pressed against each other as they kiss and rub. Soon on the deck, Marconi shows off an impressive display of oral skill — choking as he repeatedly deep throats the hung stud, spit dripping to the ground as O’Brian’s increasingly wet pubes cling to the base of his shaft. Marconi then bends over as he gets it good (“Fuck that ass! Give it to me!”), O’Brien happily complying with the bottom’s final demand.

Landon Conrad then works Mitchell Rock’s muscles, the masseur getting a rise out of his client before unleashing his own beast — which is soon shoved deep inside both of the bottom’s holes. Trenton Ducati then flip fucks real-life boyfriend Tate Ryder in a scene so sensual and real, there aren’t enough words to praise it. And if there’s a hotter site than Andrew Justice unleashing his massive cock from the tent building in his boxers, we’d love to see it.

Dan Cameron