Built Tough
Back in the day, muscle god Zeb aAtlas was such a tease, just showing off his massive bod and stroking for us. Times have thankfully changed over the years, and now we can see him kiss, suck and fuck (ain’t it grand?). But he’s smart about his appearances, not overdoing them so they still remain noteworthy. He’s also smart about picking scene partners, leading us off with superstar Landon Conrad — who can’t get his tongue and hands off his huge bud’s bod (squeeze it, Landon!). After exchanging sucks, Conrad bends over and takes it like a man (look at his big bicep vein bulge as he gets it doggie style). Atlas also abuses the ass of Micah Brandt in the finale, the two so verbal that you might have to turn the volume down. Phew! The fuck gets fast and furious, ending in a semi-hands free gusher from Brandt. Hairy hunks Tom Wolfe and Jason Michaels have a great connection (watch their foreheads graze as they have an extended, silent stare into each other’s eyes), while the hottest shot of all finds rock-hard Billy Brandt riding rock-hard Morgan Black’s shaft (it’s guaranteed to get you stiff).

BUILT TOUGH is the Most Important Raging Stallion movie of 2012, featuring the Raging Stallion debuts of superstar Zeb Atlas and Falcon’s most popular Exclusive, Landon Conrad. These two mega-stars are joined by a cast of great Exclusives, including Tom Wolfe, Jason Michaels, and Micah Brandt and fan favorites Morgan Black and Billy Berlin. When you mix all these studs together with Award-Winning Director Chris Ward behind the camera, you have the formula for one of the best fuck flicks of the year. Zeb Atlas shines in TWO scenes in this movie—stand out performances that are the highpoint of his hugely successful career. Watch as he fucks Micah into absolute and total submission—it’s some of the best fucking the studio has ever filmed. Plus, Zeb’s scene with Landon Conrad is a sure bet for Best Sex Scene Awards next year. Plus, the movie has two sleeper scenes that both turn out to be blockbuster nut-busters: the pairing of Hairy studs Tom Wolfe and Jason Michaels—two of our best exclusives who give stellar performances, and Morgan Black and Billy Berlin serve up two cum shots each in their scorching scene! This movie cannot be missed—the only drawback is that your cock is going to be sore for weeks!

Dan Cameron