I Want You

Falcon Studios
I Want You
Feeling romantic and frisky? Grab some wine, head to the deck and get to smooching! This four-scene ode to makin’ love is led by the dream teaming of Landon Conrad and Jay Roberts. After some sightseeing, they hit the deck and strip down, offering their super-stiff cocks for the slurping. The two take care of each other like pros, both of their dicks jutting up in the air with vigor.

Watch Conrad’s balls move around in excitement as he gets his slab worshipped, and then marvel as Roberts’ big hard meat bounces from side to side as he mounts Conrad and rides, the top rubbing Roberts’ smooth and toned body from behind (that, fellow porn lovers, is what it’s all about). And if that duo’s chiseled frames weren’t enough, tan D.O. shows off his endless abs as he takes control of light-skinned blond bottom Christopher Daniels. D.O. takes hold of Daniels’ head and force fucks his face, then licks wine off his crack before ramming him finally coating his entire body with cum and whipping his still-stiff dick on the bottom’s sac (phew!). Angelo Marconi fingers his own hole, feeding it to Adrian Long before he gets pinned to the floor; while D.O. also takes control of Conner Maguire, the top’s smooth backside filling up the frame as he fucks.


A shared glass of wine, a picnic, a passionate make out session and a romantic road trip -- these hot studs find themselves in very romantic situations. They look into each other's eyes and the romance turns into hot lust that can't be contained. The longing and desire moves them to act on their sexual yearning. Clothes fly off, dicks come out and the hunger for carnal exchange takes over, leading them to share some of the most passionate sucking and fucking you've ever encountered.

Mark Branson