WIA Profile: Stefany Zelaya

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What is your role at Sin City?

My role at Sin City is sales executive and public relations. Here are a few of my responsibilities as a sales executive: assisting the sales manager; calling my customers for new release orders; making prospect and follow up calls; updating distributor new release websites; working with my customers' accounts payable department; updating our discontinued list, inventory list and special order list; and issuing return address numbers for my customer returns. My responsibilities on the public relations side are updating the reviewers' screener list, delivering new release titles to media outlets, compiling press release information, submitting press releases and checking for all Sin City reviews in magazines. I also filter all 2257 inquiries for images, logos and documentation. I also handle everything that has to do with our contract girl, Tory Lane, such as updating her calendar, scheduling signings or interviews, getting all her flights and event information as well as her signing material to her. I also make sure that our stores get all the product and information needed for their promotional use as well.

I hope to be a valuable team player

What are your goals for Sin City in 2008?

I hope to be a valuable team player in the company's goals in 2008. Next year is poised to be a big year for the company. In a very competitive marketplace, we're working toward growing the Sin City name. That includes ramping up sales, promoting our contract girl and more branding directly to the consumer. We have a great team in place and we're going to achieve our goals of 2008 and beyond.

Describe a typical Monday at your desk.

First off, no Monday is exactly the same, ever. What I can say that never changes on a Monday is my mood. I hate Mondays! But my daily routine is somewhat as follows: I have to munch on something while I am settling in, I check my email, voicemail and the faxes first. Then I usually go in to sales manager Brett Reisner's office to check in with him and see what we have as priority for the day. After, I walk over to the warehouse to check the status on orders and see what is pending to be picked up or delivered. Next, I usually go into our invoicing and accounting office to get invoices that I need to put pricing on, customers' aging reports and see who is on credit hold and to help out with the work load. I can say there are never enough hours in a day to get everything done.

What is the biggest challenge to being a woman in the adult entertainment industry?

Biggest challenge personally … none. I feel very lucky to be a woman in the business side of this industry. I am a true believer of the saying: Treat others like you would like to be treated. Respect is the key. If you respect yourself, if you believe in yourself and if you have full confidence in yourself others will have the same respect, belief and confidence in you and your work. Since I started working in the adult industry I have felt very free in the sense that there are less rules in this industry than the mainstream industry. Nothing is ever wrong here. You can be who you are, you can dress how you feel, you can say what you want and never get judged for it. I have never met more down to earth, family oriented, friendly people in this industry than I have in all of the other jobs I have worked for out of the industry. It feels great to be in a tight-knit family such as this business.


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