WIA Profile: Amy Lew

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What is your role and responsibility at Coastline?

I've been the VP of Licensing and Acquisitions at Coastline for over a year and I spend quite a bit of time doing my homework. I'm always researching what's hot and what's appealing to consumers. Then I seek out up and coming studios who are producing these genres and educate them as to why they need a distributor to really take their line to the next level. It's my responsibility to evaluate the various product submitted to Coastline for representation, then select and contract the best of the best. The licensing part is simple when your roster consists of the top studios in the industry, but my boss (Coastline President David Kravis) and I are far from "order takers." We work together to create monthly output deals and steady content supply streams, which prove profitable for both our producers and our buyers. David depends on me to make sure everything is executed.

I work hard now so I won't have to later.

What are your goals for Coastline Licensing in 2007?

My goal for 2007 is to ensure a smooth transition from traditional licensing markets, such as DVD, into digital delivery platforms of the future like mobile and IPTV. As a distributor, I'm forced to change with delivery mechanisms that may seem uncontrollable at first but as an agent, I must be innovative in designing ways for content to generate revenues while still upholding its value. The studios we represent trust our knowledge and experience. It's definitely a buyers market. The competition is fierce, and I plan to lead our loyal suppliers into the profitable aspects of new-wave technologies. It's only a good deal if all parties involved are making money. My goal is to make everyone more money!

Describe a typical Monday at your desk.

There is no such thing as a typical Monday in distribution! Everything is always a rush. A distributor is sort of like a super-hero expected to solve the worlds' problems. A buyer might need his next months' schedule tomorrow so they call us to make it happen. If a producer is unknown in a certain territory, we'll find them a deal. No two Mondays, or any other day for that fact, are predictable or typical.

What's the biggest challenge of being a woman in the adult industry?

It's really no different than being a woman in any industry. When it comes to business, only the strong will survive. It takes a smart woman with thick skin to be successful in an industry thriving on sex. To be successful one must be professional and ahead of the game at all times. I welcome the challenge of being a young female executive in the adult arena. For me personally, the initial challenge is earning respect from our clients based on my experience in the business. You'd be surprised how many people are quick to discount my role in the company because I am a young female then wind up dependent on me to program their monthly schedules.

How do you maintain balance in your life?

My balance is long-term. I work hard now so I won't have to later. I'm on the grind and stay focused on my career. After I make my first billion, I plan to retire and travel the world. Don't worry, I promise to still contribute to the industry. I just hope my successors license the most compelling content to all the hotels I stay in!


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