Men’s Sexual Wellness Market Reaches Peak Performance

Men’s Sexual Wellness Market Reaches Peak Performance
Erin Viereck

With more relaxed attitudes about sexuality, there is a proliferation of sexual wellness products in both retail and online stores. There are increased sections of brick-and-mortar stores devoted to these products. According to the “Sexual Wellness: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities” report, about 25 percent of all sexual wellness products are sold online with sexual wellness products generating an estimated $339 million in retail sales just three years ago. But, only a quarter of these sales were focused on men’s sexual health and wellness. This is a huge indicator to adult retailers that the fast-growing sexual health and wellness category is poised to shift and expand to better represent men.

When you manage multiple retail store sizes, formats and layouts, it is challenging to determine the best use of total floor space. And how will you ensure each floor planning strategy is implemented correctly? The best way for adult retailers to organize and present their male SHW products is to remember the simple formula of the three P’s — Penis Fitness, Prostate Health, and Performance Enhancement. When assortments and planograms are localized they more closely meet shopper needs and boost sales and profits. Plus, store space is limited. Retailers must improve performance and minimize out-of-stocks without compromising the offer and assortment mix — all while identifying and accommodating the male sexual health and wellness category growth opportunity.

Penis extenders have been scientifically proven to work because it implements cytokinesis, which is a constant stretching that ultimately breaks apart cells and multiplies them creating a permanent effect.

Penis Fitness

Penis fitness refers to a man’s ability to grow the length and girth of his penis, either through semi-permanently expanding blood tissues in the erectile tissue by using a pump, or, permanently through an extension process called cytokinesis.

A penis pump is a adult toy that has a special medical use for men who suffer from impotency or are recovering from surgery. Pumps can be used to obtain an erection, but you must maintain the erection using a cock ring. Penis pumps, either a classic air model or water-filled pump, not only creates an erection but for many men it will increase the size of the penis. When the airtight vacuum penis pump cylinder is placed over the penis, the blood rushes into the muscle portion. The muscle tissue then expands to the maximum, breaks down, and then rebuilds into larger, stronger muscles.

There are lots of opinions on the issue of whether adult toy penis pumps work. Short-term usage will have a temporary effect, sometimes up to several days. But to obtain a long-term effect, it takes commitment — just like building up any muscle tissue. The length of pumping session and the frequency you use them are two factors that will determine the best results.

Major manufacturers, such as CalExotics Apollo men’s line, Blush’s Performance Pumps and Doc Johnson’s Optimale line all offer quality air chamber penis pumps. Bathmate’s Hydromax line of water-filled pumps is a unique alternative for the man serious about adding penis pumping to his workout routine.

A penis extender is a popular penis enlargement device. There are a great number of choices when it comes to buying a penis extender often used as part of a man’s penis fitness program. However, like any other piece of workout equipment, it is important to be sure you make a careful buying decision.

Penis extenders have been scientifically proven to work because it implements cytokinesis, which is a constant stretching that ultimately breaks apart cells and multiplies them creating a permanent effect. Most designs are very similar and include two basic components 1) two fastening points — one at the base of the penis and one just before the glans and 2) bars or rods — these extend the length of the extender.

The bars or rods are lengthened by the wearer to stretch the penis overtime. Where design differences come into play is the mechanism by which the rods are lengthened and the comfort features (such as padding) of the device itself.

MaleEdge and Jes-Extender (same company) penis extender brands have been proven to work in both clinical and medical studies. And according to their research, is the only proven method other than surgery to deliver sustained long-term growth. MaleEdge has created beautifully appointed kits with all of the necessary accessories for customers to get serious about their penis fitness and enjoy long-term results.

Prostate Health

Regular prostate massage can reduce the risk of prostatitis, prostate cancer, genital pain, symptoms of erectile dysfunction and frequent nighttime urination. In addition, it improves overall erectile function and increases seminal fluid and circulation. While the health benefits of regular prostate massage are long lasting, you might be surprised at all the other positives in store.

It’s time for men to stop envying women for their ability to experience intense, long-lasting orgasms. The prostate (sometimes called the P-Spot) is the male version of the female G-spot, and when stimulated properly and regularly it enables even more (up to 33 percent more) intense orgasms, otherwise unattainable by the more standard penile friction.

Many adult product manufacturers, big and small, have added prostate massage toys to their line up covering all materials, form, function and price point. However, Aneros has been leading the charge with their prostate stimulators. Aneros prostate stimulators are hands-free, patented devices that work simply through the contractions of your own muscles. Without batteries or electronically induced vibrations, the Aneros massagers transform your body's own energy into amazing sensations. The mechanism is simple yet extremely effective.

Performance Enhancement

Performance enhancement refers to the plethora of amazing supplements that help a man enjoy his best sex life. Everyone wants a great sex life, but even with extensive knowledge of the Kama Sutra and hours working out in the gym can't guarantee real physical satisfaction in the sack. What you put into your body directly affects how you feel and function, and the right natural supplements are essential for anyone to perform at their peak in the bedroom.

Supplements aren't necessarily sexual cure-alls. They’re enhancers that complement your existing physical and mental reactions to sexual arousal — such as boosting blood flow to certain areas and increasing desire. And yes, these lead to stellar, hot n' heavy sessions in the sheets and greater fulfillment.

As the adult industry matures, so does its views on sexual performance and enhancement supplements. Performance enhancement is a male sexual health and wellness category that was once limited to mainstream or pharmaceutical companies. The FDA’s increased presence has the ability to weed out products that falsely advertise benefits or contain unhealthy, toxic ingredients.

Supplements are available with stimulants, or stimulant-free. For example, Beamonstar supplements contain stimulants and offer products such as erection improvement pills designed to create incredible erections with ultimate staying power and increased excitement.

MD Science Labs provides a line of stimulant-free supplements using natural herbs and ingredients. MD Science offers testosterone boosting pills for a dual purpose — to increase sex drive and build lean body mass.

The Winning Combination for Adult Retailers

Clearly, you need to be healthy to have a good sex life — and you need a good sex life to be healthy. Your sexual well-being goes hand-in-hand with your overall mental, physical, and emotional health. Therefore, the same healthy habits you rely on to keep your body in shape can also shape up your sex life.

Erin Viereck is an intimacy expert and director of education for Williams Trading Co., one of the largest adult distributors in the U.S. Her role in the adult novelty industry is marketing the launch of new adult products and technologies into U.S. distribution.


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