At Pipedream Products, It’s Teamwork That Makes the Dream Work

With the recent opening of a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chatsworth, Calif., Pipedream Products has revved up production to yield 8,000 packaged and ready-to-ship products per day. Operating out of a 50,000-square-foot building just a few blocks away from Pipedream’s headquarters, the new facility has been renovated with the latest equipment and is helmed by an experienced manufacturing team.

“The goal is always to maintain high fill rates and have inventory for our customers,” said Pipedream Chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino, “By streamlining the manufacturing process and implementing our new technology, we’re able to deliver high-quality, phthalate-free, U.S.-made rubber faster and more efficiently than any other manufacturer.”

We put our heart and soul into every item and we take our product lines seriously, things trend — every product we develop, we create for a reason. -Rob Phaneuf

The improved procedures have increased fill rates by 140 percent. The new system is currently fully functional and Pipedream reports that the company can produce 1.2 million products a year operating at six days a week, which it has been doing since the factory’s inception. The manufacturer recently increased production by adding a second shift. Today, a brand new dildo is poured, packaged and ready to ship in under an hour.

A walk through the new facility takes you through Pipedream’s new customized cooling system, a fully automated process designed to cool the product and recycle the molds as quickly as possible. In the previous facility, freshly poured product went through a 24-hour cooling process before the items were ready for finishing and packaging.

With manufacturing and shipping in overdrive, Pipedream’s product development team is creating new products at record speed. Within a week of offering and striking a deal with Kendra Sunderland, Oregon State University’s infamous “Library Girl” who became an overnight sensation for public self-pleasuring — Pipedream began production on the line and shipped it to retailers soon after.

“Our people and infrastructure allow us to be first,” Pipedream’s Orlandino said. “We beat everyone to the punch.”

According to Orlandino, the “Library Girl” collection is the company’s fastest product launch ever.

“We heard about ‘Library Girl,’ started seeing her in the media more and more, and then we made her an offer,” he said. “The next day she was in our office signing the deal — the line was conceived, Kendra was cast, we took three production molds — the packaging was developed, the video was shot and featured on our website — all within one week.”

In addition to her Pipedream Products line, Sunderland has also landed contracts from the likes of Penthouse and Playboy, and launched her own sugar-daddy dating site

“Part of what makes Pipedream No. 1 is our ability to move as fast as pop culture. Who else but Pipedream has the resources to crank out a new celebrity line this fast?” said Orlandino. “It’s very gratifying to watch the team take a product from thin air to market within a matter of weeks.”

According to the company, Pipedream has mastered the art of creating lasting brands and developing unique categories.

“We put our heart and soul into every item and we take our product lines seriously,” said Rob Phaneuf, VP of product development. “Things trend — every product we develop, we create for a reason. We build brands around product categories to fill every section of the retail store and every customer’s fantasy.”

Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy brand has expanded to include five sub-brands, including the Fetish Fantasy Harness Collection and the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy range, which focus on specific fetishes.

Using non-traditional materials is another way Pipedream innovates. The company offers full collections of pleasure products made of materials such as silicone, glass, ceramic, metal, and aluminum.

“We were the first to put out entire brands made from alternative materials,” Phaneuf said. “We’re constantly innovating and giving customers even more reasons to buy Pipedream product.”

Pipedream’s global marketing machine continues to grow exponentially in the digital sphere as well. The mega-manufacturer’s online presence and social media followers that have boosted the company’s Klout score past 65, the company reports. Klout, a source that tracks and measures social media impact, states that, “the average Klout score is 40. Users with a score of 63 and up are in the top 5 percent of all users.”

In addition to growing its marketing team, Pipedream recently added a print shop and expanded its photo and digital media studios. From product art to signage to brand videos, “nothing is outsourced — that is our company vision.”

The manufacturer says that the print shop complements their proprietary Planogrammer visual merchandising software, which has proven profit-able for its customers.

“I used to ask our customers to just give me a four by eight section of your store, one wall at a time and your sales will skyrocket,” Orlandino reflected. “Slowly but surely we’ve been able to do just that by offering lines that speak to every fantasy out there.”

By staying on the cutting edge of production, marketing, and merchandising, Pipedream is on course to continue to dominate the marketplace “one wall at a time.”