Life of Luxury — Entrenue Rollout of New Brands

Entrenue’s 2013 catalog, titled Love Life, debuted in December, and its range of high-end products are beginning to make their way to retailers.

The catalog features more than 350 pages of the adult industry’s popular brands and boutique companies. This year the company focused on love, showcasing the products that inspire men, women and couples to live full and satisfying lives in and out of the bedroom.

The company said it has pursued a series of higher-quality brands while incorporating more adult products with broader price ranges.

The company said it has pursued a series of higher-quality brands while incorporating more adult products with broader price ranges, further debunking the misconception that the boutique distributor only carries expensive luxury brands.

Several new lines are introduced in the catalog, including Minna Life, along with augmented sections for existing popular lines, including Spare Parts lingerie-inspired harnesses. It also showcases a notable expansion into the fetish realm with soft bondage ties by BONDaids and a variety of metal sounding devices. The “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon also is showcased with myriad products inspired by the erotic trilogy’s famous scenes highlighting the pleasure of bondage, flogging and spanking.

Entrenue recently introduced the Crave “Duet” luxury vibrator to the retail market.

The product is described as a cordless, compact luxury massager featuring USB capability and two powerful micro motors in a unique “split tip.” Marrying form and function with a feminine contour, the Duet performs with four vibration modes and four power levels for a sophisticated intimate experience. Its design isolates each motor and distributes vibration at various intensities, making it a multipurpose vibe designed for sensual massage, intense clitoral stimulation, and everything in between.

Compact design and smooth silhouette allows for easy maneuvering with quiet precision and performs at full power even fully submerged. The Duet’s USB plug allows for eco-friendly battery charging with an intuitive pulse system that alerts the user of its status — one pulse for 25 percent, two for 50 percent, and so on until it is 100 percent charged and ready to use.

The vibrator is available in a Duet Lux version featuring either 8GB of storage with a 24-karat gold plated band accent, or 16GB of storage with an entirely 24-karat gold plated body.

“Crave’s Duet is one of the most creatively designed and thoughtfully constructed massagers to have entered the adult market this year,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “The unique twopronged tip, powerful dual motors, and convenient USB chargeability make the Duet an elegant addition to Entrenue’s inventory and we’re pleased to bring it to our customers nationwide.”

The Duet vibrates with four unique modes — steady, dual pulsing, circular pulse and wave — and is available in black, brown and crimson colors. Its “split tip” extension is made of body-safe silicone and its base is made of nickel-free electroplated metal.

Each edition of the device vibrates for up to two hours fully charged and comes with a genuine leather pouch for discreet travel and storage.

Entrenue also introduced Velv’or luxury gentlemen jewelry to the adult market with a collection of C-rings ergonomically shaped to follow the natural curves of the male body.

The one-of-a-kind pieces feature a rounded extension that provides consistent pressure on the perineum for harder, longer erections and stronger orgasms and, unlike traditional C-rings, Velv’or is made to be worn long term as an everyday luxury.

Velv’or’s ready-to-wear collection is inspired by the company’s Bespoke line of couture C-rings made of precious metals featuring the brand’s signature curvature.

The J’Naja ready-to-wear C-ring is made by way of a production process using nylon fiber from the Netherlands. This C-ring can be worn all day long for a satisfying “enringed” sensation while enjoying constant prostate massage.

The J’Boa ready-to-wear C-ring is a fully adjustable boa-style ring with a handcrafted metal bead that slides into place for a secure fit. The C-ring comes packaged in a designer tin with instructions included.

“Velv’or is one of the most intriguing intimate accessories for men we have ever come across and after seeing each refined piece in person, it was clear that Velv’or would be the latest addition to the Entrenue lineup,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Head designer Jelle Plantenga shares our eye for refinement and savvy design and each of his pieces is extremely special.”

The J’Naja is naturally dyed black and will de-color over time as it adjusts and conforms to a man’s own unique shape, just like his favorite pair of stonewashed denim jeans, the company says. The J’Naja is designed in the Netherlands and hand finished in Europe and available in 45mm, 50mm and 55mm sizes.

Entrenue also was named the exclusive distributor of the Jimmyjane brand of design-centric vibes, natural massage candles, and bedroom accessories that cater to a stylishly luxe lifestyle.

According to the company, Jimmyjane’s modern aesthetic and thoughtful packaging and product design make the brand a perfect fit for Entrenue’s detail-oriented and passionate approach to product education and distribution.

Entrenue now stocks the full Jimmyjane catalog, including the Form 2 stimulator, a dual-motor handheld vibe. Its two flexible finger-like extensions transfer vibration for an intense experience that sex educators, media outlets, and sex toys fans have raved about since its debut.

Jimmyjane’s Afterglow Natural Massage Candles and matching massage accessory series also joins Entrenue’s inventory, along with the renowned “Form” series of design-focused vibes, each featuring a unique shape offering a distinct vibration sensation.

“We are honored to have been selected by Jimmyjane to handle their U.S. distribution and excited to embark on this special partnership,” an Entrenue rep said. “Jimmyjane exudes passion for quality design and providing an incredible user experience, and the clean, contemporary look of their products, packaging and marketing materials have made it a must-have brand for the modern lifestyle.”

Jimmyjane recently revealed a revamped version of its Form 6 handheld vibe with new features and even more power, as well as the hello touch, a a vibrator that’s worn on the fingers to enhance natural touch.