Webbilling.com to Attend Affiliate Convention Los Angeles

EU non-card payment leader Webbilling.com will attend the second Affiliate Convention this week, December 3-4 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, in Los Angeles California. Webbilling has supported the performance marketing arena since its inception, and despite the many recent market changes and fluctuations expects affiliate traffic to merchants to remain an important ongoing factor in ecommerce.

Webbilling.com offers two very effective billing methods for Europe: Direct Debit (where funds are withdrawn directly from the end customers’ bank accounts) and Advanced Direct Pay (where the user can take advantage of the ability to wire money to local bank accounts), and more on the way. Education in the credit and debt culture in Europe is the first step in understanding how the Webbilling solutions can add significant revenue to the bottom line of every ecommerce enterprise with EU traffic, without cannibalizing merchants’ credit card sales.

Global Operations Director Ines Petersen advised, “Most Europeans are used to paying for everything with their bank accounts, and that includes online transactions as well. Germany in fact is a paperless society now, so the ease of use for direct debit and wires is quite advanced. I love to attend affiliate shows because there are two opportunities to raise awareness for the potential the Webbilling solutions provide: by speaking directly to merchants attending the show, but also in educating affiliates in what to consider when choosing a sponsor – the affiliates’ question should be, ‘How will the company convert my European traffic?’ It is equally important to me in the long-term to have affiliates asking sponsors by what means they will be converting their EU traffic, and making the decision as to whether to send it based on the answer.”

As performance marketing has become increasingly sophisticated and competitive, innovative affiliates are analyzing and geo-targeting traffic and differentiating where to send which surfers based on targeted selection of offers, payment methods and conversion rates – the days of an affiliate sending all of their traffic to one favorite sponsor and hoping for the best are long over. The days of sponsors offering only the possibility of credit card purchases/joins should be long over as well.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or affiliate sponsor program, write Ines Petersen for a show meeting to discuss all the possibilities for additional EU revenue. Write: marketing@webbilling.com for more information and see how easy it is to get started. Maximize your earning potential – with Europeans Billing Europe.