Gender Fluid Sugar Coated Upper Body Harness

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Gender Fluid Sugar Coated Upper Body Harness
This hot pink, magenta sparkly upper body harness makes me wish that I had one of these harnesses for each day of the week! Hot and sexy, super fun to wear. The design fits great on the body and all the straps lay in the right spots. The back detail is fun to show off all by itself or with a cute tank or T-shirt. This is a great item that can be worn and styled in so many ways and really makes a lovely fashion statement. Created for all body types, personalities and genders. If you feel hot in it, you should wear it! Being elastic, it’s incredibly easy to put on and comfortable to wear. This line has made a big splash in the industry with its inclusive items and packaging. Packaging for this item is a simple bag with a window to see the actual harness in all its glory. Hangs nicely and doesn’t take up too much space. Excellent package overall, I love the look and feel.

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Manufacturer Description:

Explore your playful side with our metallic stretch chest harness. Be wrapped in our body hugging design, perfect for layering over other garments or wearing as is. Created to fit all bodies and gender identities.

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Lucy Vonne