In my years of product training, there’s one store in the Patricia’s chain that taught me something that still stands out in my mind. When a vulva owner is seeking a clitoral toy, the sales member asks an important question to narrow down their search: are you a light touch or a masher? Being a vulva owner myself, I sure do get that — and with the We-Vibe Nova, I can proudly state that I’m a masher, meaning that I love hard-pressure stimulation against my clit instead of a light touch that many other women enjoy. This updated version of the popular Nova offers smooth vibrations and patterns and allows for delicious G-spot vibrations, clitoral vibrations, or a rumbly, multi-speed combination of the two. The exterior clit stimulator is thick and wide and lets it bend directly against my clit and hood and all around. The perfectly arched interior G-spot vibe provides me with strong enough vibrations to launch me over the top each and every time. I can easily change the speeds and functions with the readily accessible buttons on the shaft or let my fingers control it through the We-Connect app. Pleasure rules when you’re a masher!

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Manufacturer Description:

Nova is a two-in-one toy. The Nova vibrator is a rabbit vibrator like no other. Its unique design is perfectly contoured to please the clitoris and G-spot at the same. The flexible clit arm encased in super smooth and soft silicone stays in contact with the clitoris as Nova is moved in and out.

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