Before getting into the product functionality, I will say that the remote feels so good in your hand! The texture feels like a stress ball - soft and squishy, effortless (and enjoyable) to use during sex. The amazing feature that coincides with the remote reminds me of a modern video game controller - vibration speeds are activated when you simply squeeze and hold down on the base of the controller, increasing the vibration speed without having to fumble for the buttons. The controller itself does have five buttons, which are super easy to learn after playing around with the toy for a few minutes. A “forward” and “backward” button allow you to skip through 10 modes and pulsating patterns, without having to scroll all the way through to get back to your favorite. You just skip ahead or go backwards with the side buttons (much like a Discman!), very user-friendly.

As far as the wearable component, the vibrations are very powerful and the product’s intuitive design ramps up the vibration intensity when one or both partners move against the sensor - hands-down my favorite feature. As arousal builds momentum, so does the Chorus - innovative and advanced for a couple’s sex toy. The Bluetooth capability allowed my partner to control the toy from afar on his drive home from work, so I was ready to go when he walked in the door.

The power can be turned down to a low speed, so this toy will accommodate sensitive users. The silicone feels dreamy, firm enough to put nice pressure on the clitoris, but flexible enough that the adjustable neck contoured to my anatomy perfectly. The only thing on my wish list for We-Vibe’s next version is a larger surface area on the external portion, and a longer G-spot component - but other than that, their latest is by far the greatest innovation they’ve developed so far. A-plus.

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Manufacturer Description:

We-Vibe Chorus packs a technological punch inside. It features a unique Squeeze Remote Controller that controls its dual vibrators. It also has our recently developed Touch-Sense receptors which control the vibrators depending on your touch & movement.

We-Vibe Chorus also features our latest technology that creates the most stable connection between the device and the companion App. The seamless integration makes the remote an anchor that gives you the Uninterrupted connectivity.

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Rose O’Connell