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Vibrating Bling Pop - Rock Candy Toys

One of your favorite lickable treats is now a naughty add-on to another thing you love to lick. Add a little bling to your favorite “thing” with this super stretchy gummy ring! Its elastic construction means that it can accommodate most sizes, and the vibrating gummy diamond hits your sweet spot to tickle you to ecstasy. Don’t let the cutesy design fool you; the high-powered motor doesn’t disappoint. This one-of-a-kind creation makes for a fun gift and is especially ideal for bachelorette parties.

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Manufacturer Description:

Add a pop of bling to your fling! The one-of-a-kind Rock Candy Bling Pop is a true gem of a cock ring, engineered to pay homage to an iconic candy classic while transforming any sexual adventure into a glistening affair to remember! Slide the supple, stretchy ring down and around the base of the penis (include the testicles, too, if the ring fits!) -- and keep the diamond on top to treat your partner to blissful clitoral stimulation. Flip it upside down for intense external perineum stimulation, or double-loop it on your hand and wear it as a flashy finger vibe! The high-powered single speed motor does double duty, serving up pleasure for two with the simple push of a button.

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