Honey Spoons Women's Sexual Supplement

Rock Candy Toys
Honey Spoons Women's Sexual Supplement
It's about time us vulva owners get a zing-inspiring sex supplement that's super tasty and a delight to use! Open the sleek packet, peel off the seal on the plastic spoon, and drip this delicious honey on your tongue. Wait 30 minutes, and before you know it, your love nest will be tingling and pursuing that stinger to head straight for your honey pot. With the easy-to-digest ingredients of good-for-you vitamins, a dash of the energy stimulant taurine, and caffeine to keep you frisky, this blend is subtle yet powerful enough to keep you going for a sweet time. I think I'll add it to my hot tea because, well, you never know when you'll have to spring into action! I'm waiting for Earl Grey to show up now. I'm ready.

Manufacturer Description:

Rock Candy Honey Spoons are single serving sexual supplement for women formulated to increase energy, libido and desire. In a tasty Cotton Candy flavor.

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