Hogtied Bind & Tie Wrist or Ankle Cuffs

Doc Johnson
Hogtied Bind & Tie Wrist or Ankle Cuffs

This set of cuffs from Doc Johnson’s Kink line can be used as either wrist or ankle cuffs, making them a nifty and versatile addition to any kinkster’s toy collection. The hemp is very soft and the smooth metal parts are pretty strong in contrast. The more you struggle and pull, the tighter they get, which made for an interesting play session. The slip-ring design means these cuffs are super easy to put on and equally quick to remove. The protruding Kink label in the middle can get a little scratchy but all in all these are a fun, low-hassle alternative to more traditional options.

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Manufacturer Description:

Perfect for any level of bondage indulgence, these sturdy cuffs don't require any previous experience, they're incredibly simple to use and fully adjustable to fit almost everyone thanks to friction free swiveling sliders that won't fray or damage the cuffs. Whether you're in the mood to truss up your playmate's wrists or ankles, the Bind & Tie's will definitely do the trick, holding tight without chafing.

The total length in between cuffs is about 10"/25.4cm (depending on ankle/wrist size), and the cuffs themselves are completely adjustable to fit any size.

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