OptiMALE - Silicone Warming Stroker

Doc Johnson
OptiMALE - Silicone Warming Stroker

Glancing at the front of this packaging actually left me with some questions — most noticeably was the unique design and "Why were all the ribs on the outside?" I quickly found out that they lined up perfectly with my thumb and palm and greatly increased my grip.

This stroker is quite a handful, literally. The hard backshell will fill up a majority of your palm with an ergonomic textured grip that has an overall length of five-and-a-half inches. Secondly, the orange glow absolutely stood out against the mostly black backdrop and the features had mentioned a warming function. Obviously they must be tied together ... The instructions state that the stroker will reach up to 98.6 F in five minutes. The heat source feels like it emanates from the narrow tip and is mainly focused in that area. It has more vibration settings that I would ever need but that's hardly a drawback. The experience had worked out great for me and I look forward to the next use.

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Manufacturer Description:

A gentle warming implement and powerful 10-function vibrator transfer incredible sensations through the dual density SECONDSKYN interior of this durable hard-plastic stroker. SECONDSKYN is a luxuriously soft, flexible silicone that conducts warmth and molds to the touch.Individual buttons operate the vibrating and warming features, giving users the power to combine and time the stroker’s stimulating modes. The OptiMALE Silicone Warming Stroker heats to body temperature in just five minutes, and is fully rechargeable via the included USB charging cable.

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