Stimulating O Gel

High on Love
Stimulating O Gel

I’m a huge fan of hempseed products — so when I found out about there was a full collection for intimacy sex enhancement, I was immediately all in. The Stimulating O Gel comes in beautiful packaging that fits right in with most cosmetics. The gel has a luxurious feel when rubbed against the skin. I was impressed reading the list of ingredients because everything in this gel is natural. I applied some to my clit while my honey refilled our glasses of wine in-between some foreplay, and almost instantly I started feeling a warm, tingling sensation that definitely intensified the entire experience.

Manufacturer Description:

Incredibly smooth and luxurious, HIGHONLOVE™ Stimulating O’Gel is a sensuous fusion of premium natural ingredients, for an experience that will revolutionize the way you love. The gel increases blood flow to the genitals, making the area more sensitive and giving you a better and bigger O’s.

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