Dark Chocolate Body Paint

High on Love
Dark Chocolate Body Paint

I was skeptical of this when I first saw it but was pleasantly delighted with the results and product. This product combines two of my favorite things and does it in a delicious way — like actually delicious; I would just eat it just on its own. They combine Belgium dark chocolate with pharmaceutical grade hemp seed oil to create the most delectable edible body paint. As you paint it on your body, it will melt with your body’s natural heat. Turn yourself or your partner into a lickable treat. It is 100 percent natural and made in small batches to guarantee quality. I never want to stop licking it.

Manufacturer Description:

Combining rich, Belgian-style, dark chocolate with pure pharmaceutical-grade hemp seed oil in an edible body paint. Skin sensation like no other, this luxurious aphrodisiac paint melts at body temperature. Made with 100% natural ingredients in small batches for the highest quality sexual exploration.

The art of making love reaches a pinnacle with HIGHONLOVE™ Edible Chocolate Body Paint, an aphrodisiac body paint crafted with the perfect balance of rich dark chocolate and pure pharmaceutical-grade hemp seed oil. Chocolate melts at body temperature, releasing profound euphoric sensations. Edible, and quenches all cravings.

Inspired by the distinguished chocolate shops of Brussels, this premium body paint is made with 100% natural. Made in small batches to guarantee quality.

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