Nick Capra (Medium)

Mr. Hankey’s Toys
Nick Capra (Medium)

If ya love ‘em thick and wide, this one’s for you ‘cause it’ll fill more cavities than a dentist in Candyland! This hefty silicone dildo gives a whole new meaning to “big” — 8” and the 2 ¾” width will stuff your hole better than any super tampon out there. The realistic shape will make you fantasize about the one guy on the planet who is really this size. In the meantime, you don’t have to wait for him, just get this and all your Big Dick dreams will come true!

Manufacturer Description:

Nick Capra is here and he's BIGGER and BADDER than ever! This is one of our best lifecastings to date, every singe detail has been captured, this is an exact replica of Nick's famous manhood. If having Nick's original sized phallus pounding your guts was not enough, we've resized him all the way up to XXXL to fill even the greediest holes! You can pick from the original size replica or stuff yourself silly with the monsterously large XXXL version -all sizes retain the exact same detail as the original, nothing is lost during the enlargement process. Engorge yourself with Nick in the comfort of your own home with whatever size you prefer!

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