Alien Small

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Alien Small

Steampunk meets my cunt with this artistically crafted silicone dildo. Do you have fantasies of steampunk designed aliens thrusting into your inner reaches? With vertabraed spines running in the center and sides and a snakelike head peering out of the top, this dildo begs for an internal exam. The large, protruding center provides an extra aaahhh for those that like ‘em solid and hefty. Uniquely colored in two-toned silicone, this seven-inch long and two-inch wide beauty can easily sit on your coffee table as a conversation starter that’s sure to lead to happy thrusting.

Manufacturer Description:

From the depths of space to the depths of your body, the Alien Breeder toy will totally take you over, inch by uniquely textured inch. It’ll fill you with a pleasure so out-of-this-world you’ll be screaming, writhing and surrendering the planet earth to extra-terrestrial conquest in no time!

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