Soak N Stroke Beat It Out

Sir Richard’s Condom Company
Soak N Stroke Beat It Out

It only takes a palm-size amount of the viscous gel to get things started. As boasted on the bottle, you can thin out the consistency by adding water to fit your own preference. The gel did a fantastic job of maintaining lubrication while not in direct contact with water. Naturally some water got involved. Already being in the shower made for simple cleanup — just wash thoroughly with some warm water. If you are in the market for some masturbation gel, I feel that this product could handle all those needs.

Market Appeal

I can imagine the comedy skit where some poor fellow uses this bottle of shower masturbation gel instead of his regular soap. Then again I do believe that the camouflage is intended. Being able to remove the large "BEAT IT OUT" sticker on the front of this hooked bottle was a courtesy worth noting.

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Manufacturer Description:

Beat It Out Masturbation Gel is a thick, viscous and slippery gel lubricant for your man parts that doesn`t drip or dry out. Too much? Too thick? A few drops of water allow you to control the feel and consistency. This specially formulated gel is greaseless, colorless, odorless and non-staining. Beat It Out all night long. Use it for steamy solo action or propose a lover to join in on the fun. It`s condom safe and toy-friendly, perfect for lubing up any toy of your choice. Try it with glass, plastic, and silicone sex toys. Whatever you have in mind, this personal lubricant gets the job done very time. Sir Richard`s Soak N Stroke comes in a no-drip bottle that you can hang up when the action`s over. Beat It Out contains 8 fl.oz., (237 mL) of silky, body friendly masturbation lubricant.

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