Kink by Doc Johnson The Stinger

Doc Johnson
Kink by Doc Johnson The Stinger

I must say this is one of my favorite new toys. This toy makes an absolutely terrifying noise, in the most epically fun way. I was so nervous and scared; I have to tell you the excitement this toy adds is absolutely fantastic. If you hit the button a few times before you touch skin it makes the charge more powerful. Also be careful if you have hit the button and not released the charge it will still zap, so just a little friendly tip. I loved this toy — it’s light, menacing and a total blast.

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Manufacturer Description:

Motivation comes in many forms. This cattle prod-style electroplay wand creates different sensations specific to the area it’s applied with a light zap perfect for training or teasing. Tickling, tingling, and a moderate sting are all within the realm of possibility with the Stinger.

The Stinger’s handle features a non-slip, non-conductive rubber grip, and a safe but powerful current runs between two prongs at end of the contrasting red shaft.

Kink by Doc Johnson is an exciting collaboration with to create a collection of high-quality authentic fetish items suitable for long-term practitioners and new initiates alike.

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