The Rhino Stampede

The Rhino Stampede

I believe the saying is “Go big or go home.” The Rhino Stampede from Traz lets you do just that by adding serious length and girth. The Rhino is no ordinary penis extension. First thing is to match the length to your cock. There is a sizing core that allows you to fill the inside of the extension if needed. Next grab some lube and slide in your cock. The tip of the extension has a hole that allows air to escape. Once your cock is all the way inside, you then use a plug to fill the hole. The air-tight seal keeps everything in place no matter how hard and heavy playtime gets. It also keeps everything nice and hard. With the plug removed the extension is easily taken off and also makes a decent stroker.

Manufacturer Description:

Unlock your true potential while indulging your deepest fantasies. Become huge in a hurry. The Rhino Stampede harnesses the power of every desire and increases length and width instantly. Simply slide it over and on to your penis, add the "No Slip Grip Tip" for total confidence and get ready to "Unleash the Beast." Satisfaction guaranteed! We're doing our part to protect the environment. All product ships in factory heat sealed eco-friendly poly bags. Returns accepted only if bag is unopened.

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