G Balls 2

G Balls 2

Not only does this vibe look like a Swiss army knife it is also as multifunctional as a Swiss army knife. At first I tried it as you would a traditional vibe. I used the tip of one of the prongs to get things warmed up and after a few minutes of enjoying the vibrating smooth silicone I inserted the toy. I pulled out the toy and that is when things got interesting. I let the two prongs of the toy explore all my erogenous zones. It is like two large magical fingers with a vibrating palm. My favorite is one prong buzzing my clit and the other prong in my backside. I also love the toys simple controls and super-quiet motors.

Manufacturer Description:

Meet your personal coach for kegel exercises!

Using your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0, GBalls 2 has 6 comprehensive training courses with a voice guide and daily targets to strengthen and exercise the right pelvic floor muscles.

How do the GBalls know how well you are exercising your kegels? Thanks to ultra sensitive pressure sensors, you get instant biofeedback. The app tracks your progress and rewards you as you get more advanced.

The GBalls 2 can also vibrate without the app.

GBalls 2 is 100% waterproof and rechargeable via USB. The LED light will remain on while charging. Once charged, the LED light will be off.

We suggest using water-based lubricant and cleaning the GBalls with sex toy cleaner.

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Regan Davis