X2 Orgasmatron (plus Aslan harness)

X2 Orgasmatron (plus Aslan harness)

This has got to be one of the oddest sexual contraptions to come along in a while. The body of the X2 Orgasmatron gyrates like nothing else out there except for a fast washing machine on tilt. But I don’t like getting off in my laundry room so thank goodness for the Orgasmatron.

Basically it’s a softball-sized orb with a 4” x 1 3/8” wide silicone dildo, which snaps onto the orb. The plug-in cord comes out the bottom with a speed control dial that should be a little higher on the cord of the gizmo since I’ll be grabbing the sheets while I try to control myself.

The folks at Aslan Leather have created a complementary leather harness to create a hands-free experience that holds the Orgasmatron firmly inside which is good because I might wind up in orgasmic orbit. There’s also a silicone adapter cover that allows you to snugly fit your favorite dildo onto the orb for that custom made orgasm that’s out of this world.

Manufacturer Description:

Sex machine small enough to fit in your purse. Strong enough for the deep, powerful pleasure you desire. Sybian level stimulation at a fraction of the size and cost.

Add a Polly Attachment and use your own flared-based dildos and plugs with the X2! Add a harness, custom made by ASLAN Leather, for variety and hands-free fun! Adjustable for hip sizes 28"-46".

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