Rabbit Habit Original Deluxe

Rabbit Habit Original Deluxe

This is THE RABBIT. Well an updated amazing version of the original but yes this is the company that brought you that rabbit you saw on a little HBO show called “Sex and the City.” They do rabbits right and this is no exception. The updated version is nothing but amazing. You can control all the functions and rotation options separately and easily with its new control design. Extremely quiet as well, no one will know what you are up to. Made of body-safe elastomer that allow you to feel the beads popping and turning inside providing amazing sensations. A must-have for any rabbit lover.

Market Appeal

This toy will sell itself, literally. When I worked in a sex store people came in all the time looking for that one toy on that show. The package is super sleek and can hang or actually looks better siting on the shelf. Great to keep with all your other rabbits or in your Vibratex section. And if you don't have a Vibratex section then you need one stat! They are great.

Manufacturer Description:

The all new Rabbit Habit Original Deluxe Vibrator - featuring a new gearless drive system that offers even greater power and silent operation, an updated tickler motor for stronger, more satisfying oscillation and a new push-button control system.

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Lucy Vonne