Caresse Heart Wedge

Caresse Heart Wedge

Product Description:

Create an Intimate Encounter and get closer with the Caresse Wedge. This plush heart-shaped foam support Wedge is perfectly contoured to create a deeper connection and more access during sex. Reaching new heights of pleasure is made possible because the Caresse Wedge is angled for deeper penetration, providing 7” of lift and making it ideal for missionary and from-behind positions. The notch at the top of the Shape provides greater visibility and touch-ability for longer oral sessions and anal play by placing each partner in just the right position, and the generous width means plenty of stability for comfort. With all that extra support, you’ll have the stamina to go longer and faster. Crafted with a quality high-density foam core, the Caresse Wedge uses ergonomic angling to comfortably hold, position and support the body, while its plush velvish cover feels seductively soft against bare skin. So when it’s time for that deeper connecting in intimacy, let the Caresse Wedge fuel your passion.

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