GoodHead Wet Head

Doc Johnson
GoodHead Wet Head

This is my first time using this type of product. It was amazing at keeping my mouth warm and wet while pleasuring my partner. If you’re the type that doesn’t need any extra lubricant, the taste will have you wanting it just because. This spray comes in a two-ounce bottle and in two different delicious flavors: Juicy Apple and Sweet Strawberry. What I liked even more was that I didn’t have to keep stopping to reuse as it lasted a long time. The packaging is so convenient that it can be easily carried in a pocket, purse, or even a make-up bag, so you can be ready at any given moment. For those with sensitivities, this amazing spray is vegan friendly and sugar free!

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Manufacturer Description:

Banish dry mouth during oral sex with GoodHead Wet Head Dry Mouth Spray. Available in two mouthwatering flavors of Juicy Apple and Sweet Strawberry, this dry mouth spray comes in a handy 2 fl oz. bottle, and provides instant moisture and fresh breath. A couple spritzes is all you need for a delicious night of sensual fun. Sugar-free, Vegan Friendly, Paraben-Free and Body Safe.

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