Sqweel Go - USB Oral Sex Massager (Pink, White, Purple)

Sqweel Go - USB Oral Sex Massager (Pink, White, Purple)
First off can we talk about how cute this little guy is? I want to keep it on my desk for decoration. Besides being adorable, it’s actually a pretty unique little toy. Scaled down from its original version, the Go is said to mimic the feeling or oral sex. It comes with 10 little silicone tongues that spin in six different patterns. One thing though is it does not vibrate, perhaps the next generation will have a vibrating one. It’s easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand. It also is completely rechargeable and comes with a USB charger. The Sqweel Go is great to use all over the body! I even tickled my husband’s balls with it, he did not object.

Market Appeal

It’s a cute package with a clear window so you can see the toy. It comes in three bright colors that I am sure everyone will love. Great to keep in your rechargeable section or Lovehoney section. Having a tester in stores would make the sales much easier because it’s hard to explain to some people unless they see it in action.

Manufacturer Description:

Small, sexy and incredibly powerful, the Sqweel Go oral sex simulator for women offers the sensation of oral sex with the bonus of expert precision. With 3 powerful speeds and 3 delectable patterns - orgasms on demand are yours, wherever and whenever.

• Pocket-sized oral sex simulator
• USB rechargeable
• 10 mini silicone tongues
• 30% more power
• 3 powerful speeds
• 3 patterns - light shudders, intense pulsations, fast licks

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Lucy Vonne