OptiMALE - Power Pump

Doc Johnson
OptiMALE - Power Pump
Pump up the jam, pump it up. Pump it up a little more get the party going in the raging dick sword department. This is the fun type of things going through my head while using the very well-engineered piece of equipment from the people over at Doc Johnson with the Optimale Power Pump. I was truly impressed. There was definitely thought and care put into this product, with its ease of operation one hand is all you need so the other hand can be busy doing taxes online or even looking up some of your favorite cock pump porno. You get great power from this battery-powered pump with an inline release valve to eliminate those awkward trips to the corner store with the cock pump stuck to your wiener we’ve all had in the past.

Market Appeal

As much fun as you can have with a well-constructed power pump, in my opinion they are more for sexual enhancement / performance-type scenarios. But when you train with pumps properly over time you will observe some changes. So why not capitalize on this and offer special deals from your pharmaceutical area of the store and throw in some sexual enhancement products with your sexual enhancement pump.

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Manufacturer Description:

Customers can optimize their manhood at the push of a button. The OptiMALE Power Pump boasts a soft silicone sleeve for an air-tight seal, quick-release valve, and large pressure gauge directly on top of the cylinder for monitoring progress. Users can watch their growth through the large, clean vacuum cylinder, featuring an easy-to-read measuring guide. Requires 4 AA batteries to power it on. Made of phthalate-free, body-safe material.

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