Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps

Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps

Product Description:

The Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps are not just a clever name – they take tit-torment to a whole new level. These particularly fine, needle-tipped clamps take nipple stimulation to the extreme with claws that latch perfectly around the nipple once attached, and stay there. Simply push on the metal plunger to push the clamp through, and tug on it to retract the sharp edges back into the base. The mechanics of the Talon Clamps may be simple, but the exceptionally sharp clamp edges pack a serious punch. For even more bite, stick them in the freezer before use (but don’t say we didn’t warn you). Give these babies a twist -- Talon Clamps hit the mark when it comes to some pretty severe sensations. Dimensions: • Total length of clamp when fully extended is 0.55in/1.4cm • Length of chain is 14in/35.6cm Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps are also available with bells, all the better to make sweet, sinful music. The bell is attached to each clamp where it meets the chain.

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