JT Signature Collection Leash

JT Signature Collection Leash

I have definitely been led into temptation with the JT Signature Collection Leash by The Stockroom. The JT Signature Collection Leash pairs perfectly with JT Signature Collection Collar by The Stockroom. I love that the leash is shorter which makes the interaction between my Dom and I much more intimate. This leash, like the collar is a deep red, made from bordeaux leather, and the handle is black leather glove lining. It is 2.5” long and .75 inches wide. The clasp is 18k gold plated and strong enough to lead your sub around and control as you wish. This piece along with the collar are both must-haves.

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Manufacturer Description:

With something as precious as a special sub fully decked out in the JT Signature Collection, you'll want to keep them on a relatively short leash. We humbly suggest this matching JT Signature Collection Leash, which ensures your favorite pet is never more than a few feet out of reach.

This bordeaux and black leather leash features a gold-plated claw hook to attach easily to collar or waist cuff, depending on your needs or desires, and the loop end of the leash features the same black glove leather lining as the cuffs and collar, for maximum comfort while you exercise your control.

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