Sex and Metal Fiddle

Sex and Metal Fiddle

Product Description:

This original Sex and Metal creation makes sure you'll never play second fiddle to anyone!

This unique and practical bondage device lets you restrain your sub in style. The heavy metal collar closes in the front with two long, steel rods extending from the neck down the torso or back, and secured with a set screw at the bottom of the conjoined rods.

Two-thirds of the way down both rods is a Sex and Metal Wrist Trap, which can be attached indiviually to one another, or secured to the rod for total submission position.

Product Details:
• Available in Red or Classic Steel
• Collar Diameter 5.75in/14.6cm
• Collar Circumference 18.1in/46cm
• Rod length 15in/38.1cm
• Minimum Width of Wrist Cuff: 1.25in/3.2cm
• Maximum Width of Wrist Cuff: 3in/7.6cm

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