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Tennessee Republican Proposes Felony Charges in Copycat Age Verification Bill

Republican state Rep. Patsy Hazlewood on Wednesday filed an age verification bill with the Tennessee state legislature, a copycat version of the numerous age verification bills being advanced by religious conservatives and anti-porn crusaders around the country.

Indiana Republican's Copycat Age Verification Bill Introduces Felony Charges for Adult Websites

Republican state Sen. Mike Bohacek this week filed an age verification bill with the Indiana state legislature — a copycat version of the numerous age verification bills being advanced by religious conservatives and anti-porn crusaders around the country.

New House Speaker Mike Johnson Vowed to Push Anti-Porn Legislation

The new speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson, elected Wednesday by his GOP colleagues after a weeks-long stalemate, last year vowed to promote anti-porn, anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-sex-education legislation if he ever had the authority.

Virginia GOP Mails Porn Screenshots to Voters to Smear Pro-Choice Candidate

Two weeks before a highly contested election in Virginia, the commonwealth’s Republican Party has sent a mass mailing to voters containing explicit screen captures from an adult cam show featuring one of the Democratic candidates.

Out-of-State Religious Conservative Activists File Brief Supporting Anti-Porn Texas Law

An extreme-right Virginia attorney with Trump links, acting on behalf of an obscure organization led by a Colorado-based religious conservative activist and former child actor, has filed a lengthy brief in a federal appeals court in Texas, supporting the state’s controversial new age verification and mandatory labeling law.

Ohio Republican's 'Innocence Act' Could Criminalize Online Nudes

A Republican lawmaker in Ohio introduced this week an age verification bill called the “Innocence Act,” which observers have pointed out that, as submitted, could criminalize the posting of any nude image online without verifying age as a felony.

North Dakota Republican Calls for Total Criminalization of Adult Content

A North Dakota Republican lawmaker took to Twitter over the weekend to call for the total criminalization of adult content and for all politicians to submit to “the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

North Carolina Group Backing Age Verification Bill Admits Law Is Actually 'Anti-Pornography'

A North Carolina religious conservative group backing just-passed age verification legislation, which a Republican state senator snuck into an unrelated bill last week, has admitted the copycat amendment is in fact an “anti-pornography provision.”

New Report Warns Against 'Rising Tide' of Conservative Censorship

A new report published last week by the Chamber of Progress, a U.S. trade group representing many of the leading technology companies, issued an urgent warning against the “rising red tide” of digital censorship promoted by conservatives.

North Carolina Republican Sneaks Copycat Age Verification Amendment Into Unrelated Bill

The North Carolina Senate voted unanimously Thursday to mandate age verification on adult websites, after a Republican senator snuck a copycat amendment mirroring other states’ requirements into an unrelated bill.

Impeachment Trial Begins for Disgraced Anti-Porn Texas AG Ken Paxton

The impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a staunch anti-porn Republican culture warrior, began Tuesday in the state Senate, probing allegations of “bribery, unfitness for office and abuse of public trust.”

Pennsylvania Republican Reintroduces 'Mandatory Porn Filter' Copycat Bill

Republican State Rep. Jim Gregory has reintroduced a copycat bill to require electronics manufacturers to activate “porn filters” on all devices sold in Pennsylvania.

Virginia Press Reports on Failure of Recent Anti-Porn Law

The Virginia Mercury newspaper Wednesday published its first report assessing the effectiveness of the commonwealth’s recent age verification law promoted by anti-porn activists and religious conservative Republicans.

Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services Refuses to Answer Questions About Anti-Porn Law's Mandatory 'Warnings'

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services has declined to confirm or deny whether the “health warnings” mandated by the state’s recent anti-porn age verification law are supported by any official documentation or statement produced by that office.

Pennsylvania Republican House Primary Heats Up Over Issue of 'Sexual Sin'

The proposition that adult content is a gateway to “sexual sin” has become an issue in the Republican primary contest for Pennsylvania’s 1st District, where longtime religious activist Mark Houck has mounted an effective right-wing challenge to mainstream conservative incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.

Virginia Republican Behind Age Verification Law Calls Adult Content 'Not Normal'

State Sen. Bill Stanley, author of the age verification law that led Pornhub to shut down access in the commonwealth of Virginia, has defended the controversial, vaguely worded mandate by claiming that adult websites are harmful because their content is “not normal.”

Sen. Josh Hawley's New Book on Manhood Lambasts 'Timid, Weak, Sterile' Porn Watchers

“Manhood,” the new book by controversial U.S. Senator Josh Hawley of Kansas, features an extended chapter titled “Cheap Sex,” in which the Republican politician asserts, “Nothing could be more timid or weak, more sterile, than a man, alone, staring at porn on his phone.”

Alabama House Passes Republican Rep's Utah Copycat 'Porn Filter' Bill

The Alabama House of Representatives last week approved a bill copying legislation passed in Utah in 2021, aiming to force phone and computer manufacturers to install default “porn filters” on devices sold in the state.

Rolling Stone Surveys Ongoing Republican War on Porn

Rolling Stone magazine this week published a report on the ongoing anti-porn crusades in Republican-controlled states.

Arizona Senator's Anti-Porn Bill Questioned by Fellow Republicans

Arizona state legislators, including several GOP members, have raised serious questions about a Republican senator’s proposal to implement mandatory age verification for adult websites in the state.