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IBill Sold to Penthouse International Unit

IBill, the largest processor of credit card payments for the online adult industry, has been sold to a subsidiary of Penthouse International Inc. The deal ends a chapter for credit card processor Intercept, which purchased iBill in 2002 for $104 million.

Hong Kong’s Penthouse Folds

With pornography becoming more available on the Internet, the Hong Kong edition of Penthouse has folded.

Penthouse Pulls Out Of Bankruptcy

After filing bankruptcy toward the end of 2003, General Media Inc., the publisher of Penthouse magazine, has tapped Seneca Financial Group for help

Penthouse Faces New Hurdles

Just as Penthouse is beginning to show signs of recouping after filing Chapter 11 in August, a group of creditors have emerged that could take control of Bob Guccione's porn empire

Penthouse for Sale

Bob Guccione's debt-ridden porn empire, a once-powerful icon of old-school print pornography, has faced tough times in recent months competing with the age of Internet porn