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'Glenn Beck Program' Promotes Faith-Based Anti-Porn Surveillance App

“The Glenn Beck Program” aired a segment Friday promoting the faith-based anti-porn surveillance software Covenant Eyes and editorializing on recent news that the current speaker of the house, Republican Mike Johnson, is a user and subscriber.

New House Speaker Mike Johnson Vowed to Push Anti-Porn Legislation

The new speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson, elected Wednesday by his GOP colleagues after a weeks-long stalemate, last year vowed to promote anti-porn, anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-sex-education legislation if he ever had the authority.

Woodhull Warns Against GOP's New Anti-LGBTQ Censorship Bill

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation has released a statement condemning a new bill proposed by House Republicans, which the organization says “threatens to deny schools, libraries and museums federal funding for discussing LGBTQ+ issues or providing even basic sex education to children.”