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Google Poised to Strike at Microsoft Windows Price-Gouge

Microsoft plans to make life difficult for manufacturers who want to put the seventh version of Windows on mobile devices.

Bing Adds Online Adult Domain

Microsoft has developed a domain within Bing that will be devoted exclusively to adult videos and images.

Microsoft Adds Porn Filter to Bing

In response to criticism, Microsoft has added new safety controls to the Bing video search.

Microsoft's Bing Porn Results Censored Across Many Countries

Microsoft's new search engine Bing may be the world's best new way to find porn, but a lot of the world is missing out.

Microsoft's Bing Search Engine Provides Porn Loophole

Microsoft wants its new Bing search engine to dethrone Google, but it might make its name doing something else: playing porn.

Microsoft Announces New Zune HD

Zune HD offers a built-in HD radio receiver, high-definition video output capabilities, organic light-emitting diode touch screen, Wi-Fi and an Internet browser.

Obama Taps Google, Microsoft Execs for Tech Advisors

Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Microsoft chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie were among the 10 appointees for the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, announced Monday by President Barack Obama.

Microsoft to Push Downloads for Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has rolled out plans to automatically push the update onto users computers everywhere, although installation wouldn't be automatic.

Critics Slam Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has finally unveiled the final release of Internet Explorer, but will it be too slow to matter?

Microsoft to Allow Users to Turn Off Internet Explorer in Windows 7

In a move that's sure to please adult webmasters and tech-savvy professionals, Microsoft plans to give users the option to turn off its signature web browser, Internet Explorer, in the latest version of Windows.

Microsoft Unveils Release Candidate for MS IE 8

After much talk and speculation, Microsoft has unveiled a release candidate for the eighth version of its signature web browser, Internet Explorer.

New Windows Virus Continues to Spread, May Have Peaked

A new virus that has been targeting Windows machines since October 2008 may have reached its peak.

Microsoft Still Won't Offer IE For Mac

A summit of developers for the industry's leading web browsers revealed that the eighth version of Microsoft Internet explorer is due to get a beta release within two weeks, but only for PC users.

Yahoo to Dump Personal Search Info After 9 Months

Yahoo will only keep personally identifiable information gathered from search engine activity for 9 months.

Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch for Internet Explorer

On the heels of a high-profile security breach in its signature web browser, Microsoft has released an emergency patch for Internet Explorer.

Security Flaw Leaves All Microsoft Internet Explorer Users Vulnerable

A new security hole affects all versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, leaving users of the leading web browser vulnerable to attack on a wide array of compromised websites.

Spamhaus Project Wants Microsoft to Better Police Scammers

The chief information officer of Spamhaus Project said the international nonprofit has been unsuccessful in its effort to have Microsoft police career spammers.


Microsoft Gets Timely Patent for Filtering Swear Words

Talk about good timing

Tom Hymes ·

Adobe Unveils Flash Player 10

With an eye toward enriching the web with better video, audio and graphics, Adobe Systems has unveiled the 10th version of its Flash media player.

No Adult for Proposed Nationwide WiFi Network

The FCC approved a plan to build a national broadband WiFi network last week after conducting tests to appease one of the nation's largest mobile companies.